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2. What the journals dont tell you. Goods? Why were you chosen as a reviewer? There are several possible reasons. Escherichia Coli? An article of yours may have been cited in the manuscript to be reviewed. Goods? You may have submitted an article to the journal yourself. Of Measurement Definition? The editor may know you or know of you from and inferior other sources.

You may have been recommended to the editor by someone else. Do you have to research and disadvantages be an expert in and inferior, the subject of the article? No. You have to have enough expertise in related areas to be able to make sense of it, at least at a general level, but you dont necessarily have to be knowledgeable enough to, say, reproduce the research yourself. It is up to the editor to ensure that the set of reviewers covers enough areas of How the Railroad, expertise. If there are aspects that you are unable to evaluate (e.g. you dont understand the statistical technique used) advise the editor of this when you submit your review. And Inferior? Do you have to agree to Teaching do the review?

No, but you should attempt to, especially if you have published in the journal. If you just cant fit it in, decline politely , as early as possible . What degree of quality control do reviewers provide? As much as can reasonably be expected of reviewers, within a reasonable time frame, and with the information provided. But not more than that. Reviewers are not asked to guarantee that the information in the article is correct. They are not asked to normal and inferior reproduce the in The Book Thief research, which is the only way that some errors could be detected. They are asked to assess whether it appears to be correct, judging with the normal and inferior goods best of their ability.

Plenty of published articles have been found to of Books in The Book Thief contain errors. This is obviously better avoided if possible, but sometimes the reality is that it is impossible. Why should you review articles? You should review articles be cause it is part of the culture of research that we all contribute to this essential service. It is likely that in the long run the amount of reviewing you are asked to and inferior goods do will be roughly proportional to the number of articles you submit to journals. Reviewing is also good for you. It helps develop your critical faculties so that you can improve your own papers. It helps you to anticipate what reviewers (or thesis examiners) might say about qualitative research advantages and disadvantages, your own work.

Here is a strategy that I have found works for me. Normal Goods? Work from a printed copy. This makes it easier to make notes on difference between bios it as you go, and to normal and inferior read it in and cmos, places where you would not take a computer. Read through the paper, making notes at the level of detail that is appropriate for that paper. The better the paper, the finer detail you should go to. For a paper that is and inferior goods excellent and level of measurement definition needs only very minor revisions to normal and inferior be accepted, you might even note problems with punctuation and spelling, if they are not too numerous. For a paper that is qualitative and disadvantages terrible, you would only note major issues, or even major groups of issues.

Sometimes I get hooked into rewording sentences. You should only do this if the paper doesnt need too much of it. If bits need rewriting, say so in your review. If the decision is really obvious and you are confident about your ability to judge the paper, you could write your review immediately after your first reading. Otherwise, leave it a few days or a week and come back to it. Read it again, or read problem sections again, and then write your review. When selecting your recommendation, consider the prestige of the and inferior goods journal and the usual standard of articles it includes. The highest prestige journals typically reject 90% or more of submitted articles. You are unlikely to qualitative be asked to review for such a journal early in your publishing career, unless you have managed to normal and inferior goods publish in one yourself.

The least selective journals probably accept somewhere around 50-70% of submitted articles (after revision of course), but most journals probably accept between 20 and 50% of submissions. Between And Cmos? If you are not going to reject the paper, obtain a copy of a recent issue of the journal, or a paper from a recent issue, to check on formatting of headings, tables, figures, references. Note any problems in and inferior, these areas in your review. Ordinal Definition? You might also check the journals instructions to authors at that stage, although I rarely find that useful. Write the manuscript reference number and title at the top of your review. Always number your comments.

If you have multiple related comments, number them separately. This allows the editor and the authors to normal and inferior easily refer to your comments in further correspondence. Start by saying something positive about the paper, no matter how difficult this is. Say as many positive things as the paper deserves (or one more than that if it doesnt deserve any) before you get into between bios criticisms. Some reviewers provide an overview of the paper.

Personally, I don't think this is worth doing. The editor will read the paper too and the authors already know whats in it! Next, note any concerns or problems at the big picture level. e.g. relating to the overall approach, the statistical methods, the normal and inferior interpretation of results, the between bios quality of presentation or writing. Then, start presenting specific comments on the paper. Note the page number and the line number for each comment if possible. Start with most important or serious of the normal goods specific comments, and then include any minor issues.

There is no need to write a conclusion to your review. Just stop when you run out of comments. If you have cited any literature, provide complete reference details. Respond as quickly as you can manage. Delays in the publishing process are often very long, so its nice not to contribute to that more than necessary.

Reviews are often between one and two pages single spaced. The longest I've written was about five pages, and qualitative and disadvantages the shortest was about 10 lines. Pannell, D.J. (2002). Normal And Inferior Goods? Prose, psychopaths and persistence: Personal perspectives on publishing, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics , 50(2): 101-116. Full paper (66K) Charry AA, Murray-Prior R and Parton KA (2004).

The process of standardised refereeing of professional publications: a reference framework for the panel of referees of the AFBM Journal, AFBM Journal 1: 6-13.

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Normal and inferior goods

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Rabbi Yaakov Bender Slams Homework In Op-Ed To Mishpacha Magazine. The following article was written by Rabbi Yaakov Bender, and normal and inferior goods appeared in Practices Essay, this weeks Mishpacha Magazine. It was republished on YWN with their permission: The letter I received from out of town contained a plea for help and normal goods guidance from a frum father navigating a particularly onerous challenge in chinuch habanim and a relatively new one. My son spends close to eight hours in Soo Line on the Map Essay, school.

When he arrives back at normal and inferior, home we want to Essay, be able to kick back and relax together. And Inferior Goods? We would also love to be able to spend the time with him and our other children pressure-free, playing a game, having a catch, reading or just stam schmoozing which, by the way, all psychologists say is invaluable and the foundation of creating a warm relationship. Instead, after supper is over, a big dark cloud begins to descend over our home. A nightly point of contention begins to roil, creating a negative and toxic atmosphere in our home. Its called homework. This father is hardly alone. Countless other parents have expressed similar sentiments, lamenting the fact that after a long day in school particularly girls schools our children are expected to ordinal level of measurement definition, spend hours on homework. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not against homework per se.

It is important for children to briefly review the material they have learned in school and for normal their parents to keep abreast of of Books their progress. Normal Goods? Homework enables both. Teaching Essay? But the operative word must be: brief. Normal And Inferior? And I believe that it is incumbent on us as mechanchim and mechanchos to take a step back and ask ourselves: Is the homework load that we are placing on our students and their parents a component of effective chinuch? Or is it cruelty?

I do not enjoy writing harsh words, especially about our educators. Difference Between? Todays rebbeim and teachers are the best of the normal and inferior goods, best and truly care about Practices Essay each student. But how can we demand of parents that they spend, often after a full days work, whatever remaining waking hours they have together with their children helping them with their homework? Baruch Hashem, the Torah community is blessed with large families. Normal And Inferior? Let us picture the scene in a home with six children:

Yanky, the toddler, needs to be put to bed. Heshy, the five-year-old, has an earache and cannot find his favorite book. Chanale, eight years old, has homework tonight, in both limudei kodesh and secular studies. Shani, eleven, is studying for not one, but three tests. And Bracha, the teenager, has not had a moment of peace since she walked in the door, as her workload makes it seem as if school and research home are seamless: one long day/night of and inferior goods studying and reviewing. In The Thief? Baruch Hashem, at least Meshulem is taken care of, away at and inferior goods, yeshivah gedolah for night seder, learning with his chavrusa. (Many of our families have more than six children. Kein yirbu. Well just use this hypothetical family as an example.) Mommy, who has taken care of her childrens many and of measurement varied physical and emotional needs today and also invested several hours at her job, would like to sit down to supper with her husband (if he does come home at a normal hour tonight, before he rushes off to Maariv and a shiur).

But she is now also expected to be a teacher. When did hours of nightly homework much of it outside her intellectual and normal and inferior academic comfort zone become part of a mothers responsibility? Is she not overworked enough, running the household and helping her husband pay the Thief Essay, bills? Can mothers and fathers be expected to start mastering volumes of goods unfamiliar material in order to save their children from embarrassment and poor grades the next morning? Even an accomplished talmid chacham with broad knowledge in research and disadvantages, multiple miktzoos haTorah can have a difficult time tackling the obscure subjects included in and inferior goods, his childrens coursework.

So he sits down at night and immerses himself in research advantages, a difficult topic often effectively doing his childrens homework for them all the normal and inferior, while neglecting his wife, who is escherichia morphology and arrangement, desperate for his help, and his shtender, which is beckoning for a few minutes of peaceful learning. And what about the children? When do they actually get to be children? Yes, they need structure, and yes, hefkeirus is normal goods, never good for kids, but dont they need some time at Practices, night to unwind? Isnt it critical for their wellbeing that they be able to share their day with their parents, play with their siblings, perhaps get some fresh air, and normal and inferior goods prepare for bed peacefully? When, exactly, does school end? Eleven-year-old Shani has just fallen asleep, her pillow drenched with tears.

She has spent the last several frustrating hours studying nonstop, yet she still feels ill-prepared for her impending tests. Eight-year-old Chanale went to bed in a miserable mood, having failed to secure an audience with either parent to vent her distress at being picked on that day by her classmates. Thankfully, five-year-old Heshy is sound asleep in his bed. Yanky the The Power Book Essay, toddler is in normal, his crib, dreaming and still clutching his favorite book. In between them is their exhausted mother, who, shortly after leading them in Krias Shema, fell asleep right there. Meshulem, arriving home from an extended night seder, discovers his teenage sister asleep at the dining room table. Her books are her pillows tonight. Beside her is Tatty, still in his chair, his head slumped forward in slumber, his precious sefer still open in his hands. How did we get to this point?

What, precisely, is the of Books in The Book Thief Essay, elusive goal that some of our chadarim and Bais Yaakovs are chasing that compels them to saddle our children with a nightly burden that they cannot possibly bear alone, and that their parents are begging for relief from? We all want our boys to become masmidim and normal and inferior our girls to be knowledgeable and conscientious students. But how do you explain the mindset of mechanchos who assign projects and homework on subjects far outside the ken of the coli morphology, average yeshivah-graduate parent, or who expect their high school students to spend ten hours studying for a Chumash test? What, exactly, justifies the hours upon hours of agony that our children and normal and inferior goods parents go through every school night? When are we as a society going to say, Enough is enough! Dayeinu!? The time has come for us to look in the mirror and ask ourselves: Is academic achievement now the level, only barometer of our sons and daughters success, to the point that we can allow homework to encroach on the smooth functioning of otherwise peaceful and stable homes?

Are we so afraid that our daughters will breathe a bit at night before going to and inferior goods, sleep that we must ensure that their every waking minute is filled with study, review, and test preparation? The time has come for each menahel and menaheles to impose strict limits on the amount of homework that each student is given, taking into account the average family size in qualitative and disadvantages, that school, as well as the unique circumstances of individual students. The time of year must be a factor as well. And Inferior Goods? (I once assumed that it goes without saying that homework is not assigned at hectic times such as the week before Pesach, or over Yom Tov, but apparently that is coli morphology, no longer the case.) Perhaps limudei kodesh and secular studies homework should be assigned on normal and inferior goods alternate nights of the week. I am not here to impose specific solutions; every school is different. Research Advantages And Disadvantages? Rather, I am pleading for a return to sanity not only by normal and inferior goods, our schools, but by their customers, the parents, as well. Is it pressure from some parents to outdo competing schools that is Soo Line, forcing the hands of the hanhalah?

Is it the mirage of potential acceptance into elite seminaries that is normal and inferior goods, blinding us to the quiet churban going on within our homes on a nightly basis? Throughout the millennia the Yiddishe shtub has always been more than just a physical house or dwelling; it has been an ideal. And Cmos? That ideal, of a Jewish home suffused with love, yiras Shamayim, simchah, and tranquility, is what has enabled generations of normal goods parents to Teaching Practices, raise beautiful children who walk in their footsteps. It is that ideal that is under attack. It is time for us to reassess our priorities and normal take corrective action. May our parents, teachers, children, and escherichia coli morphology all of and inferior Klal Yisrael merit a kesivah vchasimah tovah. Rabbi Yaakov Bender is the rosh yeshivah of Yeshivah Darchei Torah in Railroad on the Map Essay, Far Rockaway, New York, and the author of normal Chinuch with Chessed (Mesorah Publications) ( YWN World Headquarters NYC ) It it wasnt rude, I would give this Rabbi a Hi-5! If nothing else, the of measurement definition, accused should consider his often effectively doing his childrens homework for them. A very important article!

As a retired educator, I would add testing should be abolished. I hated giving tests as much as my students hated taking them. The only thing a test proves is the ability to memorize. Normal Goods? My preferred method of assessment was cumulative grades on classwork and homework, projects, and group work. The students preferred it and felt more confident because the pressure was removed. Their grades improved! But the PARENTS wanted to see tests so I had to stop my method of teaching and give frequent tests (although I cut them down to a minimum.) Today, parents run the schools especially those who pay full tuition so they call the shots. Homework. It has its place reading to prepare for the next class doesnt involve mom or dad. Correcting errors on qualitative research advantages and disadvantages work already graded.

A few practice math problems or using spelling words in a sentence: those are reinforcement tools. However, each teacher thinks HER work takes priority must be significant because of the forthcoming test! Get rid of testing, make homework a review or preparation, not an at-home test, and students will be more relaxed, happier, and more successful. Mine were, until the Hanhala nixed the and inferior goods, concept as being too innovative. Years ago, when the adults in our family were exhausting ourselves with Pesach preparations, our Bais Yakov high school daughter was so burdened with homework that she could barely help at all. The Morah that assigned so much homework was apparently very insenstitive to escherichia coli morphology, the realities of so many of normal goods our homes, And there is a chinuch/midos price when students are forced by excessive homework to minimize their responsibilties to the family and difference between bios focus almost exclusively on themselves.

Parents pay for their childrens education in two ways; ???? ???? ????. Todays school system is brutal to all children bar the goods, gifted. What is the ordinal level definition, middle child of a family and of mediocre intelligence supposed to normal and inferior, do in life other than school? School ought be school not cruel. Theyve forgotten about family life. Rabbi Benders article is a perfect display of difference between and cmos compassion and understanding what all schools should all know. Normal And Inferior? It seems that our schools and yeshivos are teaching disabled as well as abusive in far too many cases. Slightly misleading headline.

He slams excessive homework. In my opinion, it comes down to the curriculum established for each grade. Railroad Put Oklee On The? Theres an expectation that students master a certain amount and level of skills each year. Normal Goods? To reduce the difference between, pressure on and inferior goods the student (and the tears), reduce the curriculum. The trade-off is additional school years to master the same skill set, say 9 years elementary school instead of 8 and 5 years of high-school instead of 4) with parents (and donors) absorbing the advantages and disadvantages, additional tuition costs. Theres no easy answer. Rabbi Benders op-ed is a breath of fresh air. I think there may some questions that can be added to those posed here. 1. Precisely what is the mission of the schools? Is it about how much data can be downloaded and retrieved on the next test? 2. How are test scores used?

Do they get averaged for the report cards? Is this information useful? Does it just force students to compete in how good their memories are? If so, why are there grades for each subject matter if they all reflect the same skill? 3. And Inferior? If lessons are taught well, is heavy homework load necessary? 4. In what way does homework support the The Power in The Book Thief, missions of the ideal, of a Jewish home suffused with love, yiras Shamayim, simchah, and tranquility? Or do the schools actually have a different mission? Tests? are a statement of Memory only. All report cards should be based on and inferior goods effort.

No student will ever feel dejected just because hashem didnt give him a good memory. Everyone can excel in effort Thank you Rabbi Bender for such a beautiful article. Right on target. I hope the definition, schools will listen to you. not accurate; how many fathers or mothers spend more than 60minutes TOTAL on homework for whatever reason. i dont and my daughter did fine in school and no they are average not GIFTED , there may be isolated incidents of normal and inferior a new teacher .. most of the time its SELF inflicted stress by girls specificly that 80-85 is of Books, not ok yes hs girls do have more homework.. because the alternative is normal and inferior goods, worse and with the hw they still manage to text and talk till the advantages, wee hours and walk to school each morning with a 16oz coffee. HML, that doesnt mean testing has to be abolished. It means it has to be changed. Avraham: Listen to what?

He did not state what should be done nor did he state what is done in his school. You want people to listen? List some concrete suggestions i.e. 5 10 minutes of HW per grade (not per subject), no HW on Thursday nights so boys and normal goods girls can help prepare for Shabbos; no HW on Mishnmar nights for the boys. Maybe then other Menahalim / Menaholot will actually listen. yudel report cards should be based on effort really what kind of coli morphology and arrangement world do yo live in, the real world does not work that way thats why we have sch problems today entitlement etc. @meir G- As a parent of five KAH as well as a full day (limudei kodesh and limudei chol) chinuch professional, I can confidently assure you that your daughter is the exception, not the norm.

As to your comment on normal and inferior goods the girls self-inflicting the level of measurement, pressure, where does the normal, pressure stem from? Does it not originate from the load at school, and the fear of missing out on being a top student? For if not, as you yourself mentioned, they would be quite happy shmoozing (direct quote) till the wee hours and walk to advantages and disadvantages, school each morning with a 16oz coffee- the definition of being relaxed! And you dont even touch upon the boys, many of whom (at least where I teach) put tremendous pressure upon themselves to be top-tier students- eyes always focused on the next level, be it getting into Mesivta, the Bais Medrash of choice, or the top college in their desired field. Goods? Finally, since when do parents- many of whom are working full time, and see their children for a scant few hours (if that much) at night- need to spend a full hour of their precious family time nightly (!) on homework?! Re hmls comment: As a former student, I did not like testing, but it sure got me to work hard, pay attention and learn. As for pressure, well, life has pressure.

I hope the next time I need surgery, the surgeon had to pass a few tests. Escherichia And Arrangement? And all those prosecutors who put people on normal and inferior trial, I hope they had to pass a few tests before they get to qualitative, throw around the power of the state. And Inferior Goods? And those folks in blue outfits who carry guns oh, yeah, they are called cops I hope that had to pass some tests before they got those guns and the authority to Teaching, arrest people. Testing is what teaches people to be responsible and dedicated. Iacisrmma: It is possible that the reason why Rabbi Bender did not state exactly what should be done, maybe it depends on each school and normal each grade.

Every teacher knows or should know what is the How the Soo Line Railroad Put Oklee Map Essay, best for normal goods his or her specific class. Rabbi Bender is Practices Essay, giving general advice. One teacher may decide that his or her students need 20 minutes of homework. A different teacher may decide that 15 minutes h/w is fine. It depends on the community. the school and that specific class. One more reason why Rabbi Bender chose to stop short and not tell people exactly what to do, some people get offended when you tell them that from goods now on I want you to start doing a certain thing exactly the way I tell you. Eleven-year-old Shani has just fallen asleep, her pillow drenched with tears. This article is supposed to be an coli, op-ed/editorial, not creative fiction.

Children only have so many years when their brains are like new sponges and can suck up lots of knowledge easily. As we all get older, our brains change and slow down and it gets harder and and inferior harder to absorb new things. We have to maximize this time and stuff in qualitative research, as much as possible as early as possible. Kids may complain now (I did, too, when I was a kid), but they will benefit later from practicing after class (homework) what they are taught in class. I would love if parents of his Yeshiva Yeshivah Darchei Torah would respond to this post with how things really are in his Yeshiva.

Is this path really followed there or is normal and inferior goods, theory different than the reality. A big yasher koach to Rabbi Bender! At one time, my sons mesivta had a policy not to ordinal level definition, give homework in Limeudi Chol if there was a Limeudi Kodesh test the next day, and vica versa. But parents, thinking more homework meant better education (particularly in Limeudi Chol) pretty much pushed the school to normal and inferior, abandon that policy. Now the boys come home anywhere between 6:30 9:30 PM and first have to crack the difference between bios and cmos, books again. And forget about the Bais Yaakovs where girls are meant to feel that if they dont reach the and inferior goods, pinnacle of Soo Line Railroad on the Map Essay academia they wont get a shidduch. Allow kids to be kids, and make the work they do get worthwhile like reading a book!

Our children are not robots and they need time to relax. Slams homework? Did I read the same letter to the editor as everyone else? He slams EXCESSIVE homework. YDT Parent here: My graduated son, and my middle school child have (had) a minimum of 1 hour per night Monday thru Thursday. (For half the normal and inferior goods, year they have secular studies on Friday as well.) The bulk of the homework is secular studies: a lot of math, spelling, vocabulary and a minimum of 25 minutes of research reading. That is besides the and inferior, Gemara sheets, reviewing the Gemara inside, the coli morphology, WEEKLY school wide Parsha exams on Sundays, Halacha exams and periodic projects [(Limudei Kodesh and Chol) which is and inferior, essentially HW for parents].

So, yes, there is and disadvantages, a GREAT DEAL of homework there. I am looking forward to speaking to my childrens Rabbeim and goods teachers about this at orientation. Avraham: Yes its possible.However, he is looked to as one of THE Menahallim (much like the ordinal of measurement definition, previous generation of R Menachem M. Normal And Inferior? Mandel and Rabbi Elias Schwartz Zichronam Livrocha). As the one identifying the issue, he should be the one to give some suggestions. When I went through Mesivta some 40 years ago, our Menahel told us that if we misbehaved in Limudei Chol and didnt make an effort to learn the Teaching, material we were oiver gezelah from our parents as part of their tuition money went for Limudei Chol. Normal? Even with that the Limudei Chol principal had instituted specific rules as to Teaching Essay, homework and tests i.e. since Monday night was mishmar, any homework assigned on and inferior goods Monday was due on Wednesday and no major tests were given on escherichia coli morphology Tuesday (a short quiz was allowed). We had 4 periods of Limudei Chol Monday Thursday and normal and inferior I do not recall any more than 20 minutes of homework for each subject. you guys all gotta do what i do. in my house im the boss. i decide how much and which homework my children do. if the teachers have any problems with that they have my number. i dare them to try and call me. no one ever did. Another aspect to be looked at is all the optional extra learning opportunities the boys are presented with. Depending on the age, this includes optional pre shachris seder, optional mishmar on non mandatory mishmar nights, optional seder on sundays. In Eretz Yisrael The boys Chadorim dont have any homework.

Why would you delete my post? Was it false? No. Ordinal Of Measurement? Was it brutally honest? Yes. I guess every need outlet has an agenda, ywn is goods, no different. MODERATORS NOTE: YWN will gladly publish your attack against escherichia coli and arrangement Darchei Torah. Please sign your real name and we will gladly publish it just like Rabbi Bender signed his name. Otherwise, you can post your attack elsewhere. It is goods, not an The Power of Books in The Book Thief Essay, attack, its called truth. You know who I am by looking at goods, my profile, just because I choose not to publicly put my name out there does not mean I am not speaking the truth.

Moderators Note: We make the Put Oklee, editorial decisions here. Not you. And we decided it was an attack. A very not nice one to normal, be honest. Coli? And we have no idea who you are. Put your name where your mouth is, and sign your comment, or take it someplace else.

Y must every headline read slam does anybody ever simply comment on an issue or is everybody always slamming something or other we have lost out abulity to think act or speak like menschen. Rabbi Bender is right on normal and inferior the money. Im 34 yrs old and of Books in The Book never did I have the and inferior goods, homework burden that my kids do. Rabbi Bender isnt suggesting anything revolutionary here. Simply going back to the way things used to be would be great. Do the parents who read his words feel any less accomplished because we werent kept busy a whole night with homework. This is just another example of how we as a community need to re-examine our priorities.

If it aint broke, dont fix it. But always remember. ?? ???? ?????. I dont believe that it is in the best interest of research advantages those in HS/Mesivta to normal and inferior goods, have have school past 6:00. Why not begin Limudei Chol at 1 or 1:30 and then have serious secular education classes until 6. And just give the appropriate amount of escherichia coli morphology homework to support that learning experience. Maybe hold a once a week Mishmar on Thursday nights. This schedule of more balanced Limudei Kodesh and and inferior goods Chol will better prepare the guys for coli morphology higher education as opposed to what goes on nowwhich is when guys in their late 20s and early 30s need to normal and inferior goods, make parnassa and realize that they have not had a serious Secular Studies class on over 20 years! Anyone who has seen a Mesivta Beis Medrish for The Power Book Thief Night Seder knows that it is largely an exercise in organized Batala (and thats for those who are in the Beis Medrish!). I believe that some of this is social engineering and trying to prematurely turn the kids into Yeshiva Bochurim in and inferior goods, their teenage years, to follow the holy grail of escherichia coli and arrangement getting their kids into Brisk, Lakewood, etc.

Some Mechanchim will even claim that they want to keep kids from normal and inferior going home and The Power Book Thief Essay surfing the Internet, which is sort of insulting to parents who are paying their salaries if you think about it. Normal And Inferior? But, if more serious attention were given to Limudei Chol, then when the kids go home at 6, they could have their family (dinner) time after which they could do homework and projects. With the Soo Line Railroad on the, right accountability, they wont have too much time on their hands. My boys are in Darchei. My older son, in the high school, has almost no homework. He comes home late, and goods does not have any Hw that has to be done for the next day. My younger sons, in the elementary school, spend no more than 20 minutes per night on homework. That includes math and between bios and cmos review of chumash or gemara.

My daughters spend most of the night on their homework.

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1600 Words Essay on qualities of a good leader. Leader , as the word obviously suggests is one who shows others the way and guides them to achieve their common objective. And Inferior! Anyone cannot be a leader. Only the person who has certain qualities and the ability to guide others to complete a set task can be a leader. Ordinal Level! The qualities that he possesses or rather the qualities that are required to do this job can be called leadership qualities. The terms leader, leadership and leadership qualities are so broad in their meaning and scope that they cannot be put into a definition that would completely or fully describe them. However, the major qualities or characteristics can be put as physical and mental strength, high moral character, knowledge required in goods, some particular field, power or authority, innovation or the ability to of Books Thief, find new solutions to sudden or emergent problems and the charisma that forces others to accept him as a leader. Different qualities are required in normal goods, different fields to lead others, and different attributes are required in different situations for a leader.

Some scholars put the escherichia morphology ability to inspire others as the biggest or the most important leadership qualities. A leader may not possess all the qualities mentioned above. There may be a combination of qualities in his personality with some qualities more dominated than the others. Image Source : Leaders may be of different kinds or rather we should say that each field of human existence in a civil society demands specific leaders.

There are political leaders, community leaders, sports leaders including the captains in particular sports, and military leaders. All these leaders have different leadership qualities related to their particular field. For a political leader the qualities necessary are statesmanship, oratory, full knowledge of the state of affairs of his region as well as the nation, ability to access the political situation that may develop in the short run and normal, the long run, ability to have understandings and alliances with other political parties. How The Soo Line Railroad Put Oklee On The! With all these qualities they are not only able to win the confidence of the people and win elections, but also earn a dominant position in the state assembly or the parliament at the centre. Accordingly, there are state leaders and and inferior goods, the national leaders. The former dominate the of measurement definition state scene while the latter the national scene.

Those national leaders which have some extraordinary abilities to take the right decisions to bring about socio-economic development of the normal country are chosen as ministers. The important among these are the home minister, the agriculture minister, the finance minister and difference bios and cmos, the minister of foreign affairs and the most important among them is the prime minister. He is the leader of the normal goods majority party which forms the government. In the present days of coalition governments he is the leader of that political party which wins the maximum number of votes in the elections and who is projected as the The Power Thief likely prime minister during the elections if the party forms the government. He should have the ability to carry the other parties in the coalition in realising the goal of the country during the term of the government. There are political leaders at regional level who acquire a high stature in the country though serving in their respective states such as Jyoti Basu of West Bengal. The national leaders also include the presidents of India who are not inclined to any political party. They are the constitutional heads and uphold the highest values of and inferior goods, democracy. The qualities they possess as leaders are statesmanship, vast knowledge, fairness in attitude and a towering personality. India#8217;s presidents like S. Radhakrishnan, Dr.

Rajinder Prasad possessed these qualities. Former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is escherichia coli and arrangement also a writer and a scientist besides being an inspiring and respected leader. Apart from political leaders there are community leaders who primarily work for the development of the community. If the community they aspire to normal goods, serve is comprised of people belonging to a single religion, the leader should have complete knowledge of the customs, traditions and beliefs thereof.

If the The Power of Books in The Book Essay community is a melting pot of and inferior, people of different religious faiths, the leader should have a respect for the sentiments of each ethnic group. He should be secular in of measurement definition, the best traditions of our country. The biggest quality that a community leader should have is the enthusiasm to work for goods, the common welfare. He should be able to garner the assurance and support of a majority of people within the community. It should be his earnest endeavour to maintain communal harmony. There are corporate leaders such as the owners or high officials of big business companies and multinational companies. As leaders they are required to possess a different qualities than those of political and community leaders. The corporate leader should have a proper qualification related to the major business run by his/her company. He should have adequate experience in business and management.

There should be an insatiable spirit to achieve newer heights in business and profession. Perhaps the most important quality of The Power, a corporate leader is decision making. He should be able to take right decisions and then implement them in business. Taking calculated risks is the forte of any business professional. Normal Goods! A corporate leader should dream big and should have the ability to definition, handle huge human capital and other sources. A corporate leader knows that he cannot achieve his objectives without the support of various types of professionals related to business.

Therefore, he chooses a team of qualified personnel, develops them as per the requirements of his business, trusts them and pays them adequately so that they do not desert him. A corporate leader is, in and inferior goods, other words, knowledge of escherichia, human resource management. Since the basic objective of normal and inferior, each company is to coli morphology, earn profit, the corporate leader ensures that with a shrewd pricing and marketing policies. And Inferior! He makes plan for The Power, expansion and goes for acquisitions of other companies doing a similar business to normal goods, create bigger company called conglomeration. In the Indian corporate world, persons like Mukesh Ambani, Laxmi Niwas Mittal, N.R. Narayanamurthy, Azim Premji and J.R.D. Tata and others have been prominent corporate leaders who have achieved great success in business. There are military leaders who have a different set of qualities. They may be high-ranking officers of qualitative research advantages, like Generals, Air Marshals or even heads of state.

A military leader invariably has an imposing personality. Dressed in proper military uniform, he is awe-inspiring and commands respect. Normal Goods! He is physically strong and mentally tough. Level Of Measurement! His courage knows no bounds. Normal Goods! A military leader does not acquire all these qualities in a day. He has to fight many wars and face many tough situations before he is hardened up. Discipline is the most important quality of every military leader.

From the time he was a rank soldier, he must have been doing all this activities within strict rules, in allotted time and as per given instructions. A military leader has to be highly ambitious. How can he rise to the highest rank otherwise? A military leader has the ability of ordinal of measurement, controlling all below his rank so that they perform their job dutifully. He leads by normal example and is not afraid of facing extremely dangerous situations himself. Defence of his motherland is foremost in his mind and he is always ready to lay down his life for it. Teaching Practices Essay! A military leader is at and inferior goods, times ruthless. He has to be.

He does not hesitate to crush opponents mercilessly and give harsh punishments to traitors. A military leader has a healthy respect for in The Essay, his enemies. In the battlefield he is willing to decimate them, but on normal and inferior goods peaceful occasions he bears no enmity against them. Level Of Measurement Definition! Another attribute of a military leader is that he always remains vigilant about the moves an manoeuvres of his opponents so that he is not caught unawares if they spring a surprise. Normal And Inferior! There are also leaders in sports.

In a match or game like cricket, football or hockey the captain guides the team to victory. He should himself have the qualities of a versatile player and perform well as a player to lift the spirit of the team. He should be a shrewd planner and ask his team to exploit the weak points of the opposite team. How The Soo Line Railroad On The Map Essay! He should have the ability of normal and inferior, changing his tactics to keep the opponents guessing. If his team is not performing well he should be able to access the reasons for it and take remedial steps. He should be able to level of measurement definition, maintain the normal and inferior goods spirit and morale of players in bad patches so that they regain their form. If his team is down or losing, he should be able to lead by example and difference, turn the tables on the opponents. He should be able to keep the fighting spirit intact. What leadership can achieve is evident from the fact that under the captaincy of M.S. Dhoni, our young cricket team was able to win the normal Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup in research advantages and disadvantages, September 2007 defeating highly rated teams of Australia, South Africa and Pakistan.

The captain should also have the qualities of grooming his deputy to enable him to and inferior goods, assume the role of the captain in due course of time. The leadership qualities cannot be acquired in a few days or months. They have to Railroad on the, be developed over the years by dint of hard work under the guidance of the normal and inferior goods seniors and the more experienced. Some people feel that the leaders are bora, not developed. Certain qualities are inborn and cannot be achieved by Essay any training or education. But this theory is not accepted these days. It is felt that with dedication, determination and earnest efforts anything can be achieved, even leadership qualities. Welcome to! Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay.

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comprehensive essay Understanding McLuhan (In Part) By trade, he is a professor of and inferior, English at St. Michael's College, the Roman Catholic unit of the University of Toronto. Except for a seminar called Communication, the courses he teaches are the standard fare of Mod. Lit. and Railroad Map Essay, Crit., and around the normal university he has hardly been a celebrity. One young woman now in Toronto publishing remembers that a decade ago, McLuhan was a bit of difference between, a campus joke. And Inferior! Even now, only Thief, a few of his graduate students seem familiar with his studies of the normal impact of communications media on civilization those famous books that have excited so many outside Toronto. McLuhan's two major works The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962) and Understanding Media (1964) have won an astonishing variety of admirers.

General Electric, I.B.M. and Bell Telephone have all had him address their top executives, so have the publishers of Teaching, America's largest magazines. Normal! The composer John Cage made a pilgrimage to Toronto especially to pay homage to qualitative research and disadvantages, McLuhan and and inferior goods, the critic Susan Sontag has praised his grasp on the texture of Practices Essay, contemporary reality. He has a number of eminent and vehement detractors, too. The critic Dwight Macdonald calls McLuhan's books impure nonsense, nonsense adulterated by sense. And Inferior! Leslie Fiedler wrote in Partisan Review Marshall McLuhan. . .continually risks sounding like the body-fluids man in Doctor Strangelove. Still the McLuhan movement rolls on. Now he has been appointed to the Albert Schweitzer Chair in the Humanities at Fordham University, effective next September. (The post, which pays $100,000 a year for salary and research expenses, is advantages, one of 10 named for Schweitzer and Albert Einstein, underwritten by New York State. Other Schweitzer Professors include Arthur Schlesinger Jr. at City University and Conor Cruise O'Brien at N.Y.U.). What makes McLuhan's success so surprising is that his books contain little of the slick style of which popular sociology is usually made. As anyone who opens the covers immediately discovers, Media and Galaxy are horrendously difficult to read, clumsily written, frequently contradictory, oddly organized, and overlaid with their author's singular jargon. Try this sample from Understanding Media.

Good luck. The movie, by sheer speeding up the mechanical, carried us from the world of sequence and connections into goods the world of creative configuration and structure. The message of the movie medium is ordinal level of measurement, that of transition from lineal connections in configurations. It is the transition that produced the now quite correct observation: If it works, it's obsolete. When electric speed further takes over from mechanical movie sequences, then the lines of force in and inferior goods, structures and in coli morphology, media become loud and clear. We return to and inferior, the inclusive form of the icon. Everything McLuhan writes is originally dictated, either to his secretary or to his wife, and he is reluctant to rewrite, because, he explains, I tend to add and the whole thing gets out of hand. Moreover, some of his insights are so original that they evade immediate understanding; other paragraphs may forever evade explication. Most clear writing is coli morphology and arrangement, a sign that there is goods, exploration going on, he rationalizes. Clear prose indicates the absence of thought. The basic themes in between bios and cmos, these books seem difficult at first, because the concepts are as unfamiliar as the language, but on normal goods, second (or maybe third) thought the ideas are really quite simple.

In looking at history, McLuhan espouses a position one can only call technological determinism. That is, whereas Karl Marx, an economic determinist, believed that the economic organization of a society shapes every important aspect of its life, McLuhan believes that crucial technological inventions are the primary influence. McLuhan admires the work of the historian Lynn White Jr., who wrote in Medieval Technology and Social Change (1962) that the research advantages and disadvantages three inventions of the stirrup, the nailed horseshoe and the horse collar created the Middle Ages. With the stirrup, a soldier could carry armor and mount a charger; and the horseshoe and harness brought more efficient tilling of the goods land, which shaped the feudal system of agriculture, which, in turn, paid for escherichia coli morphology and arrangement the soldier's armor. Pursuing this insight into technology's importance, McLuhan develops a narrower scheme.

He maintains that a major shift in society's predominant technology of communications is the crucially determining force behind social changes. Initiating great transformations not only in social organization but human sensibilities. He suggests in The Gutenberg Galaxy that the invention of movable type shaped the culture of Western Europe from 1500 to 1900. The mass production of printed materials encouraged nationalism by allowing more rapid and and inferior goods, wider spread of information than permitted by of Books in The hand-written messages. The linear forms of print influenced music to repudiate the structure of repetition, as in normal and inferior goods, Gregorian changes, for that of linear development, as in between and cmos, a symphony. Also, print reshaped the sensibility of Western man, for whereas he once saw experience as individual segments, as a collection of separate entities, man in normal goods, the Renaissance saw life as he saw print--as a continuity, often with casual relationships. Print even made Protestantism possible, because the printed book, by level of measurement enabling people to think alone, encouraged individual revelation. Finally: All forms of mechanization emerge from movable type, for type is the prototype of all machines. In Understanding Media, McLuhan suggests that electric modes of communication--telegraph, radio, television, movies, telephones, computers--are similarly reshaping civilization in the 20th century. Whereas print-age man saw one thing at normal and inferior goods a time in consecutive sequence--like a line of How the Soo Line Put Oklee on the, type--contemporary man experiences numerous forces of communication simultaneously, often through more than one of his senses.

Contrast, for example, the way most of normal, read a book with how we look at a newspaper. With the latter, we do not start one story, read it through and coli morphology and arrangement, then start another. Rather, we shift our eyes across the pages, assimilating a discontinuous collection of headlines, subheadlines, lead paragraphs, photographs and advertisements. People don't actually read newspapers, McLuhan says; they get into them every morning like a hot bath. Moreover, the electronic media initiate sweeping changes in the distribution of sensory awareness-- in what McLuhan calls the and inferior goods sensory ratios. A painting or a book strikes us through only one sense, the visual; motion pictures and television hit us not only visually but also aurally. The new media envelop us, asking us to participate.

McLuhan believes that such a multisensory existence is qualitative research advantages, bringing a return to the primitive man's emphasis upon the sense of touch, which he considers the and inferior goods primary sense, because it consists of a meeting of the senses. Practices! Politically, he sees the new media as transforming the world into and inferior a global village, where all ends of the earth are in immediate touch with one another, as well as fostering a retribalization of human life. Any highway eatery with its TV set, newspaper and magazine, he writes, is as cosmopolitan as New York or Paris. In his over-all view of human history, McLuhan posits four great stages: (1) Totally oral, preliterate tribalism. (2) The codification by script that arose after Home in ancient Greece and and cmos, lasted 2,000 years. (3) The age of print, roughly from 1500 to 1900. Normal And Inferior Goods! (4) The age of electronic media, from before 1900 to the present. Underpinning this classification is his thesis that societies have been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication. This approach to the question of human development, it should be pointed out, is not wholly original.

McLuhan is modest enough to note his indebtedness to such works as E. Of Measurement Definition! H. Gombrich's Art and Illusion (1960), H. A. Innis's The Bias of normal, Communication (1951, recently reissued with an escherichia coli morphology and arrangement introduction by McLuhan), Siegfried Giedion's Mechanization Takes Command (1948), H. J. Goods! Chaytor's From Script to Print (1945) and Lewis Mumford's Technics and Essay, Civilization (1934). McLuhan's discussions of the individual media move far beyond the trade talk of communications professionals (he dismisses Gen. David Sarnoff, the board chairman of R.C.A., as the voice of the current somnambulism). Serious critics of the new media usually complain about their content, arguing, for example, that if television had more intelligent treatments of more intelligent subjects, its contributions to culture would be greater. And Inferior Goods! McLuhan proposes that, instead, we think more about the Practices character and form of the new media. His most famous epigram-The medium is the message- -means several things. The phrase first suggests that each medium develops an audience of people whose love for that medium is greater than their concern for its content. Normal And Inferior! That is, the bios TV medium itself becomes the prime interest in watching television; just as some people like to read for the joy of experiencing print, and more find great pleasure in talking to just about anybody on the telephone, so others like television for the mixture of kinetic screen and relevant sound. Second, the message of a medium is the and inferior impact of its forms upon society. The message of print was all the aspects of coli, Western culture that print influenced. The message of the movie medium is and inferior, that of transition from linear connections to configurations.

Third, the aphorism suggests that the medium itself--its form-- shapes its limitations and possibilities for the communication of content. One medium is better than another at evoking a certain experience. Teaching! American football, for normal goods example, is better on television than on radio or in a newspaper column; a bad football game on television is more interesting than a great game on radio. Most Congressional hearings, in contrast, are less boring in the newspaper than on television. Each medium seems to level of measurement, possess a hidden taste mechanism that encourages some styles and rejects others. To define this mechanism, McLuhan has devised the categories of hot and goods, cool to describe simultaneously the composition of a communications instrument or a communicated experience, and its interaction with human attention. A hot medium or experience has a high definition or a highly individualized character as well as a considerable amount of detailed information. Cool is Railroad on the Map Essay, low in normal, definition and information; it requires that the audience participate to complete the experience. McLuhan's own examples clarify the distinction: A cartoon is between bios and cmos, 'low' definition, simply because very little visual information is provided.

Radio is and inferior, usually a hot medium; print, photography, film and paintings essentially are hot media. Any hot medium allows of less participating than a cool one, as a lecture makes for less participation than a seminar, and a book for less than a dialogue. The terms hot and cool he also applies to qualitative and disadvantages, experiences and people, and, pursuing his distinction, he suggests that while a hot medium favors a performer of normal goods, a strongly individualized presence, cool media prefer more nonchalant, cooler people. Whereas the radio medium needs a voice of a highly idiosyncratic quality that is instantly recognizable--think of between bios and cmos, Westbrook Van Vorhees, Jean Shepherd, Fanny Brice--television favors people of a definition so low they appear positively ordinary. With these terms, one can then explain all sorts of phenomena previously inscrutable-- such as why bland personalities (Ed Sullivan, Jack Paar) are so successful on television. It was no accident that Senator McCarthy lasted such a very short time when he switched to TV, McLuhan says. TV is and inferior, a cool medium. It rejects hot figures and hot issues and people from the hot press media. Had TV occurred on a large scale during Hitler's reign he would have vanished quickly. As for the 1960 Presidential debates, McLuhan explains that whereas Richard Nixon, essentially a hot person was superior on radio, John F. Teaching Practices! Kennedy was the more appealing television personality. (It follows that someone with as low a definition as Dwight Eisenhower would have been more successful than either.)

The ideas are not as neatly presented as this summary might suggest, for McLuhan believes more in probing and exploring--making discoveries--than in offering final definitions. For this reason, he will rarely defend any of his statements as absolute truths, although he will explain how he developed them. Some perceptions are considerably more tenable than others--indeed, some are patently ridiculous--and all his original propositions are arguable, so his books require the participation of each reader to normal and inferior goods, separate wheat is what to him from the chaff. In McLuhanese, they offer a cool experience in a hot medium. A typical reader's scorecard for Media might show that about one-half is brilliant insight; one- fourth, suggestive hypotheses; one-fourth, nonsense. Morphology! Given the normal and inferior goods book's purpose and originality, these are hardly bad percentages. If a few details here and there are wacky, McLuhan says, It doesn't matter a hoot. McLuhan eschews the research advantages traditional English professor's expository style--introduction, development, elaboration and conclusion. Instead, his books his imitate the segmented structure of the modern media.

He makes a series of direct statements. Normal And Inferior Goods! None of them becomes a thesis but all of them approach the ordinal level definition same phenomenon from different angles. This means that one should not necessarily read his books from start to finish--the archaic habit of print-man. The real introduction to The Gutenberg Galaxy is the final chapter called The Galaxy Reconfigured; even McLuhan advises his readers to start there. Normal And Inferior! With Media, the qualitative research introduction and the first two chapters form the best starting point; thereafter, the reader is pretty much free to wander as he wishes.

One can stop anywhere after the first few sentences and have the goods full message, if one is prepared to 'dig' it, McLuhan once wrote of non-Western scriptural literature; the remark is applicable to his own books. Similarly, McLuhan does not believe that his remarks have only one final meaning. My book, he says, is escherichia coli and arrangement, not a package but part of the normal dialogue, part of the level of measurement conversation. (Indeed, he evaluates other books less by how definitively they treat their subject--the academic standard--than by how much thought they stimulate. Thus, a book may be wrong but still great. By his own standards, Media is, needless to normal and inferior goods, say, a masterpiece.) Underlying McLuhan's ideas is the question of whether technology is beneficial to difference, man. Thinkers such as the British critic F. R. Leavis have argued, on the one hand, that technology stifles the blood of life by dehumanizing the and inferior goods spirit and cutting existence off from nature; more materialist thinkers, on the other hand, defend the machine for easing man's burdens. Morphology! McLuhan recognizes that electronic modes of communication represent, in the subtitle of Media, extensions of man. Whereas the telephone is an extension of the ear (and voice), so television extends our eyes and ears. Normal And Inferior Goods! That is, our eyes and Teaching Practices, ears attended John Kennedy's funeral, but our bodies stayed at home.

As extensions, the new media offer both possibility and threat, for while they lengthen man's reach into his existence, they can also extend society's reach into him, for both exploitation and normal and inferior, control. To prevent this latter possibility, McLuhan insists that every man should know as much about the difference between bios and cmos media as possible. And Inferior Goods! By knowing how technology shapes our environment, we can transcend its absolutely determining power, he says. Actually, rather than a 'technological determinist,' it would be more accurate to say, as regards the future, that I am an 'organic autonomist.' My entire concern is to overcome the determinism that results from the level definition determination of people to ignore what is going on. Far from regarding technological change as inevitable, I insist that if we understand its components we can turn it off any time we choose. Short of turning it off, there are lots of moderate controls conceivable. Normal Goods! In brief, in stressing the importance of knowledge, McLuhan is a humanist.

McLuhan advocates radical changes in education, because he believes that a contemporary man is Railroad Put Oklee on the Map Essay, not fully literate if reading is his sole pleasure: You must be literate in umpteen media to be really 'literate' nowadays. Education, he suggests, should abandon its commitment to print-- merely by focusing of the and inferior visual sense--to cultivate the total sensorium of man--to teach us how to use all five cylinders, rather than only one. Postliterate does not mean illiterate, writes the qualitative research and disadvantages Rev. John Culkin, S. J., director of the Communications Center at normal Fordham and a veteran propagator of McLuhan's ideas about multimedia education. Teaching! It rather describes the new social environment within which print will interact with a great variety of communications media.

Herbert (a name he seldom uses) Marshall McLuhan has a background as unexceptional as his appearance. Normal And Inferior! He was born in Western Canada--Edmonton, Alberta--July 21, 1911, the son of mixed Protestant (Baptist and Methodist) parents. Difference Bios! Both agreed to go to all the available churches and services, and they spent much of their time in the Christian Science area, he recalls. His father was a real-estate and insurance salesman who, McLuhan remembers, enjoyed talking with people more than pursuing his business. He describes his mother, a monologist and actress as the Ruth Draper of Canada, but better. His brother is now an goods Episcopal minister in California. After taking his B.A. and M.A. at the University of Soo Line, Manitoba, McLuhan followed the route of many academically ambitious young Canadians to England, where he attended Cambridge for goods two years. There, he remembers, the lectures of I. A. Richards and F. R. Leavis stimulated his initial interest in studying popular culture. Returning home in 1936, he took a job at the University of Wisconsin. The following year he entered the Catholic Church, and bios and cmos, ever since, he has taught only at Catholic institutions--at St.

Louis from 1937 to 1944, at Assumption in normal and inferior goods, Canada form 1944 to 1946 and at St. Michael's College, a Basilian (C.S.B.) establishment, since 1946. His field was originally medieval and Renaissance literature, and in 1942 he completed his Cambridge Ph.D. thesis on the rhetoric of Thomas Nashe, the Elizabethan writer. As a young scholar, he began his writing career, as every professor should, by contributing articles to the professional journals, and to Soo Line Put Oklee Map Essay, this day, academic circles know him as the editor of a popular paperback textbook of Tennyson's poems. Moreover, his critical essays on writers as various as Gerard Manley Hopkins, John Dos Passos and Samuel Taylor Coleridge are frequently anthologized. By the normal goods middle forties, he was contributing more personal and eccentric articles on more general subjects to several little magazines; before long, his pieces had such outrageous titles as The Psychopathology of Put Oklee, Time and Life. Goods! By the time his first book, The Mechanical Bride, appeared in 1951, McLuhan had developed his characteristic intellectual style--the capacity to offer an endless stream of radical and challenging ideas. Although sparsely reviewed and quickly remaindered, that book has come to seem, in retrospect, the first serious attempt to inspect precisely what effects mass culture had upon people and to discover what similarities existed between mass culture and lite art. Between Bios And Cmos! Copies are so scarce that they now often bring as much as $40 secondhand.

McLuhan had the foresight and and inferior goods, self-confidence to coli, purchase a thousand copies at and inferior goods remainder prices; he still gives them to friends, as well as selling them to qualitative advantages and disadvantages, strangers (at far below the going price). The bottom will soon drop out of the Mechanical Bride market, however, for Beacon Press plans to reissue it in and inferior, paperback and Vanguard, its original publisher, in hardcover. In 1953, the year after he became a full professor at St. Ordinal Level Definition! Michael's, McLuhan founded a little magazine called Explorations, which survived several years. Normal! Along with a coeditor, the anthropologist Edmund S. Carpenter, McLuhan, collected some of the between and cmos best material in a paperback called Explorations in Communication (1960), which is perhaps the ideal introduction to his special concerns and ideas. Though McLuhan remains a Canadian citizen, he became, in 1959, director of the Media Project of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters and the United States Office of normal and inferior, Education. Out of that experience came a report which, in effect, was the first draft of Understanding Media. Then, in 1963, the Railroad Put Oklee University of and inferior, Toronto appointed McLuhan to bios, head a newly formed Center for Culture and Technology to study the psychic and social consequences of normal goods, technology and ordinal definition, the media. A visitor expects the normal and inferior goods Center, so boldly announced on its letterhead, to be a sleek building with a corps of secretaries between the corridor and the thinkers. In fact, the Center is more a committee than an difference institution. It exists, for goods the present, only in McLuhan's cluttered office.

Bookcases cover the walls, with battered old editions of the English classics on the top shelves and a varied assortment of The Power of Books Book Essay, newer books on goods, Western civilization on the more accessible shelves--6,000 to 7,000 volumes in all. More books and ordinal, papers cover several large tables. Buried in a corner is a ratty metal-frame chaise lounge, more suited to a porch than an office, with a thin, lumpy green mattress haphazardly draped across it. In temperament, the Center's head is more passive than active. He often loses things and forgets deadlines. The one singular feature of his indefinite face is his mouth. Only a sliver of his lips is visible from the front, but from the side his lips appear so thick that his slightly open mouth resembles that of a flounder. His only visible nervous habits are tendencies to pucker his mouth and push his chin down toward his neck before he speaks, to twirl his glasses around his fingers when he lectures and to rub his fingers down the palms of his hands whenever he says tactility. The professor is a conscientious family man.

He met his wife, Corrine, a tall and elegant Texan, in Los Angeles, where he was doing research at the Huntington Library and she was studying at and inferior goods the Pasadena Playhouse. Married in 1939, they have six children: Eric, 25; Mary and Theresa; 21- year-old twins, Stephanie, 19; Elizabeth, 16, and qualitative research, Michael 14, and the girls confirm their father's boast: All my daughters are beautiful. Every Sunday he leads his brood to mass. They live in normal and inferior goods, a three-story house with a narrow front and a small lawn punctuated by a skinny driveway leading to a garage in the back. The interior is modest, except for an excessive number of books, both shelved and How the Soo Line Railroad Put Oklee on the Map Essay, sprawled. McLuhan likes to read in a reclining position, so across the top of the living-room couch, propped against the wall, are 20 or so fat scholarly works; interspersed among them are a few mysteries--his favorite light reading. Normal Goods! He rarely goes to the movies or watches television; most of difference between and cmos, his own cultural intake comes via print and normal goods, conversation. Talking seems his favorite recreation. McLuhan seems pretty much like any other small-city professor until he begins to research advantages, speak. His lectures and normal, conversation are a singular mixture of original assertions, imaginative comparisons, heady abstractions and fantastically comprehensive generalizations, and no sooner has he stunned his listeners with one extraordinary thought than he hits them with another.

His phrases are more oracular than his manner; he makes the most extraordinary statements in the driest terms. In his graduate seminar, he asks: What is the future of old age? The students look bewildered. Escherichia Coli And Arrangement! Why he replies to his own question, exploration and discovery. Nearly everything he says sounds important. Before long, he has characterized the and inferior goods Batman TV show as simply an exploitation of nostalgia which I predicted years ago. The 25 or so students still look befuddled and dazed, hardly anyone talks but McLuhan. 'The criminal, like the artist, is a social explorer, he goes on. Between Bios And Cmos! Bad news reveals the normal and inferior character of change; good news does not. No one asks him to be more definite, because his talk intimidates his listeners.

He seems enormously opinionated; in fact, he conjures insights. His method demands a memory as prodigious as his curiosity. He often elevates an analogy into a grandiose generalization, and he likes to of measurement definition, make his points with puns: When a thing is goods, current, it creates currency. His critics ridicule him as a communications expert who cannot successfully communicate; but too many of his listeners, say his admirers, suffer from closed minds. The major incongruity is advantages and disadvantages, that a man so intellectually adventurous should lead such a conservative life: the egocentric and passionately prophetic qualities of his books contrast with the personal modesty and normal and inferior goods, pervasive confidence of Teaching Practices Essay, a secure Catholic. What explains the paradox is normal goods, that Marshall McLuhan, the How the Soo Line Put Oklee thinker, is and inferior, different from H. Escherichia And Arrangement! M. McLuhan, the man.

The one writes books and delivers lectures; the other teaches school, heads a family and lists himself in the phone book. It was probably H. M. who made that often quoted remark about Marshall's theories: I don't pretend to normal, understand them. How The Soo Line Railroad On The Map Essay! After all, my stuff is very difficult. And the private H. M. will say this about the technologies his public self has so brilliantly explored: I wish none of these had ever happened. And Inferior! They impress me as nothing but a disaster. They are for dissatisfied people. Why is man so unhappy he wants to Practices Essay, change his world? I would never attempt to improve an environment--my personal preference, I suppose, would be a preliterate milieu, but I want to study change to goods, gain power over The Power of Books it. His books, he adds, are just probes--that is, he does not believe in goods, his work as he believes in Catholicism.

The latter is faith; the books are just thoughts. You know the faith differently from the way you 'understand' my books. When asked why he creates books rather than films, a medium that might be appropriate to his ideas, McLuhan replies: Print is the coli morphology and arrangement medium I trained myself to normal, handle. So, all the recent acclaim has transformed McLuhan into a bookmaking machine. Late this year, we shall have Culture Is Our Business, which he describes as a sequel to The Power of Books in The Book Thief Essay, The Mechanical Bride. Perhaps reflecting his own idea that future art will be, like medieval art, corporate in goods, authorship, McLuhan is producing several more books in dialogue with others. With Wilfred Watson, a former student who is now an and disadvantages English professor at the University of Alberta, he is completing a history of stylistic change, From Clich to Archetype. With Harley W. Parker, head of design at the Royal Ontario Museum, he has just finished Space in Poetry and Painting, a critical and comparative survey of 35 pairs of normal and inferior, poems and pictures from qualitative research and disadvantages primitive times to the present. In tandem with William Jovanovich, the president of Harcourt, Brace and World, McLuhan is writing The Future of the Book, a study of the impact of xerography, and along with the management consultant Ralph Baldwin he is investigating the future of business in Report to Management.

As if that were not enough, he joined with the book designer Quentin Fiore to goods, compile The Medium Is the difference bios Massage, an illustrated introduction to McLuhanism that will be out this spring; the two are doing another book on the effect of automation. Finally, McLuhan has contributed an appendix to McLuhan Hot and Cool, a collection of critical essays about him that will be out this summer. On another front, McLuhan and Prof. Richard. J. Schoeck, head of the English Department at St. Michael's, have recently produced two imaginative textbooks, The Voices of Literature, for normal and inferior goods use in Canadian high schools.

And with Professor Schoeck and Ernest J. Sirluck, dean of the graduate school at the University of Toronto, McLuhan oversees a series of anthologies of criticism being published jointly by the Toronto and Chicago University Presses. Obviously, despite the bait from the worlds of media and advertising, McLuhan is keeping at least one foot planted in academia. Only this past December, he addressed the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association on the confrontation of differing sensory modes in 19th-century poetry. When Media appeared, several reviewers noted that McLuhan must have a book on James Joyce in him. That task he passed on to his son Eric, who is writing a prodigious critical study of Teaching Essay, Finnegans Wake.

Among McLuhan's greatest desires is establishing the Center for Culture and and inferior, Technology in its own building, with sufficient funds to support a reference library of the sensory experience of man. That is, he envisions methods of measuring all the sensory modalities (systems of sensory organization) in How the Put Oklee on the, all cultures, and of recording this knowledge on coded tapes in normal goods, the Center. Assistant Professor of Design Allen Bernholtz, one of The Power of Books Thief, McLuhan's colleagues, foresees a machine that will, following taped instructions, artificially create a sensory environment exactly similar to that of any other culture; once the subject stepped into its capsule, the machine could be programed to simulate what and how, say, a Tahitian hears, feels, sees, smells and normal and inferior goods, tastes. How The Soo Line On The Map Essay! It will literally put you in and inferior, the other guy's shoes, Bernholtz concludes. So far, the projected Center has not received anywhere near the $5-million backing it needs to begin. Like all Schweitzer Professors, McLuhan may pick his associates and assistants.

His entourage will include Professor Carpenter, with whom he coedited Explorations; Harley Parker and Father Culkin. In addition to teaching one course and directing a research project, McLuhan and his associates plan to conduct numerous dialogues and to publish a son of Explorations. Once you get a lot of talk going, he said recently, you have to qualitative research and disadvantages, start a magazine. Because he believes that I can better observe America from goods up here, he had rejected previous lucrative offers that involved forsaking Toronto, and as Schweitzer professorships are formally extended for only one year (although they are renewable), McLuhan will officially take only a sabbatical leave from St. Michael's. McLuhan has always been essentially a professor living in Soo Line Railroad, an academic community, a father in close touch with his large family and a teacher who also writes and lectures. When some V.I.P.'s invited him to New York a year ago, he kept them waiting while he graded papers.

Although he does not run away from all the reporters and visitors, he does little to attract publicity. His passion is the dialogue; if the visitor can participate in the conversation, he may be lucky enough, as this writer was, to help McLuhan write (that is, dictate) a chapter of a book. Most people, McLuhan once remarked, are alive in an earlier time, but you must be alive in our own time. The artist, he added, is the man in normal and inferior goods, any field, scientific or humanistic, who grasps the implications of his actions and of new knowledge in his own time. He is the man of integral awareness.

Although his intention was otherwise, McLuhan was describing himself--the specialist in general knowledge. Railroad Put Oklee Map Essay! Who would dare surmise what thoughts, what perceptions, what grand schemes he will offer next?

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cause of wwii essay AND THE MOST EFFECTIVE RESPONSE TO AGGRESSORS. The world was plunged into World War II on September 3rd 1939, with the German invasion of Poland. But the true causes of the war had come.

from the underlying threats of Nationalism , Militarism, and normal and inferior, Imperialism that. developed first in Italy and then Germany. Perhaps the most significant cause. of the second world war was the policy of Appeasement used by the League. of Nations and ordinal, the strongest democracys in Europe, the goods French and the. British Empire. Although the first world war had ended in victory for the. Allies and post - war objectives by the victorious nations had been met and. successfully maintained, these underlying causes created the longest and.

bloodiest war the world had seen. Nationalism was the cause that instituted the bios Fascist styled governments. that shook Italy and Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Nationalism made the people hunger for goods, the power and prestige these two. nations had before and Railroad on the, during the normal and inferior goods first world war. The German and Italian. peoples were sick and tired of qualitative advantages and disadvantages squabbling coalition governments that failed to. do anything for the most part.

The communist threat that was growing in. Europe also presented an opportunity for the German and normal goods, Italian people to. become more nationalistic, and the people soon looked for a strong leader. who could achieve national order, revive their derailed economies and build. up National prestige. Hitler had planned for his nationalistic, racist brand of. fascism for the German people in his short prison stint in the late 1920s.

Entitled Mein Kampf , his book outlined his plans to dishonor the Versailles. treaty, Bring back German nationalism and power, and to unite his Supreme. race through war. Oppressed territories are brought back to the bosom of a. common Reich , not by flaming protests, but by a mighty sword(Document. #1). Hitlers plan to difference unite the German race through war may have sounded. radical and impractical at the time of and inferior its publishing, but the prospect of.

achieving strong leadership through extreme nationalism and qualitative advantages and disadvantages, obedience. sparked an interest among the people of Germany. Nationalism encompassed. these two nations who were willing to bring back their countrys power. through fascist dictators, Hitler and Mussolini. The victorys of the Allies in world war one had planned to make the. world safe through the and inferior demilitarization of the Central powers, but the small.

force of The Power in The police officers and volunteers in goods, Germany was vanquished with the. coming to qualitative and disadvantages power of Hitler and and inferior goods, soon, he imposed a conscription upon his. nation, beginning almost five years before the Soo Line Put Oklee Map Essay war began. Normal And Inferior. Hitlers militaristic. tactics increased nationalism, created jobs and restored national prestige. Hitlers militaristic tactics also tied in with his plans to How the Soo Line on the Map Essay defy the and inferior goods Versailles. treaty and on March 7th, 1936, the German army occupied the Rhineland, to. French disdain. . The French government made it quite clear that there. could be no negotiations with Germany . As long as a single soldier remains.

in the Rhineland in contravention of Germanys signed undertakings (Document # 3). This showed the French that German militarism had even. affected their own foreign policy towards the German Nation. Soo Line Put Oklee. Hitlers ideas. to defy the and inferior goods Versailles treaty were clear in the ramifications that he even. disguised his newly found Lufftwaffe by taking the Guns off the planes and. using them as a mail service. Hitler also militarized Germany by increasing. the numbers in the Army from purely volunteers to Practices Essay an Army of one and a half. million men and around 2000 Lufftwaffe planes on the eve of the war.

Militarism increased tensions and fears that war would again take Europe. Hitlers drives of rearmament even made the French and British weary of a. second war. Remilitarization by the Nazi party was the first step in a plan of. Imperialism by Germany and Italy began with the attack on the. Ethiopians in normal, 1935. It served as the level of measurement building block to increased German and. Italian aggression. Normal And Inferior. Aggression had began in Europe when Mussolini wished. to avenge the defeat that the Italians had suffered nearly forty years earlier in.

Ethiopia. Mussolinis advanced army soon took Ethiopia, establishing it as. part of Mussolinis new Empire. After the Italian attack on qualitative, his nation, Haile. Selassie, the Ethiopian emperor, said to the League of Nations - God and. History will remember youre judgment. It is us today. It will be you. tomorrow (Document #2). The league did not heed his warning and normal and inferior, the. British continued letting the Italians through the Suez canal.

Even in the. defiance of the German signing of the Kellogg - Briand pact, Hitler launched. his own expansionist drive with annexation of Austria in early 1938. The. British and ordinal level, French were alarmed because the Versailles treaty had. specifically said that an alliance between Germany and Austria was in direct. contempt of the Versailles treaty. But Germany demanded that it was an. Internal matter and not the and inferior concern of the British or the How the Railroad Put Oklee on the League of normal goods Nations. The taking of Austria by research advantages and disadvantages the Nazis was the first step in a drive to take the.

surrounding nations with German - speaking peoples. German aggression. then spread to the Sedutenland, a region of German speaking people along the. Czechoslovakian border. Hitler was planning on taking the land soon, and. Britain and France were gearing for a war against German aggression. But. during the Munich conference, the Nations of Germany, Britain, France, and. Italy came under the agreement that Hitler would take the Sedutenland if he. would respect Czechoslovakias new borders. But, less than six months later.

Hitler took the remainder of Czechoslovakia, and were gearing up for an. invasion of Poland. Normal And Inferior. The invasion came after an agreement between Stalin and. Hitler to remain neutral to each other and of Books Book Thief Essay, then secretly split Poland between. the two nations. Imperialism worked for German and Italy because it prayed. on the fears of France and and inferior, Britain for fear of ordinal definition a new, large scale war that. would drain economic resources and topple their own governments. The most significant cause of the second world war was the policy of. appeasement taken up by the League of nations, France, and Britain to deal. with aggressors and give in to their demands to avoid another large scale war.

Hitler tested this policy by playing on this fear of another large scale war to. defy the normal and inferior Versailles and gain new lands for the Germany. Germanys first step. and Frances and qualitative advantages and disadvantages, Britains first mistake was the taking of the Rhine in 1936. Hitler even admitted that he would have backed down if France and Britain. declared measures against Germany. But, the policy of appeasement to avoid. war only filled the Nazis with pride, and soon began to normal goods make the German.

military stronger in numbers and weaponry than that of qualitative advantages and disadvantages world war one. Since. France and and inferior, Britain had done nothing to The Power in The Book Essay stop a potential threat to and inferior goods their own. nations with the military occupation of the ordinal level of measurement definition Rhine, why would they consider. the annexation of Austria an aggressive move? Hitler then moved ahead with. his plans to annex Austria in 1938, less than two years after the occupation of. the Rhine.

After the taking of Austria and the plans to take Czechoslovakia, Winston Churchill made a speech to the British Parliament warning them of. German aggression. I think that all of the opportunities to stop the growth of. Nazi power have been thrown away. The responsibility must rest with. those who have control of our political affairs (Document #6). Churchill had said that with the allowance of the Nazis to build up their. armed forces, move into the Rhine, annex Austria, and then threaten the. Nation of Czechoslovakia had gone too far. He argued that the opportunities. had passed to halt German power and aggression and that the aggression. would not stop and normal, left Britain and France in a poor condition to Soo Line Railroad Put Oklee deal with the.

growing German threat. Normal. Churchill strongly opposed the policy brought on by. Chamberlain to appease the Germans. Hitler then took the threatened to take. the Sedutenland, much to the dismay of Britain and France. The Munich. conference ensued and difference, Germany was given the Sedutenland, and in turn.

would respect the new Czech borders. But Hitler had once again tested. Britains and Frances policy to avoid war at all cost, even the giving in of the. borders of a completely neutral nation. Goods. Hitler knowing that the League,

France and Britain would not risk war again if he took more aggressive. measures, then took over Soo Line Railroad on the Map Essay, Czechoslovakia. The Munich agreement was a. desperate act of appeasement at the cost of the Czechoslovak state, performed by and inferior goods Chamberlain and Daladier, in the vain hope that it would satisfy. Hitlers stormy ambition, and thus secure for Europe a peaceful future (Document #7). The author, George Kennan believed that the Munich. conference was a pathetic attempt to secure peace with an entirely aggressive. nation. Appeasement encouraged Hitler to continue with his plans for.

European domination and the proliferation of his Imperialist plans. Collective security would have been the ideal measure for bios and cmos, a. long-lasting peace in Europe, especially if the French and the British would. have coalesced into stopping the aggression by normal goods the Nazis. Perhaps the most. significant event in ordinal level of measurement definition, Pre - war Europe was the movement of the Nazi military.

into the Rhineland. This should have told the British and French that if Hitler. would defy the Treaty of goods Versailles on account of the occupation of the. Rhine, he would also take Austria, and ignore the Essay borders created after the. German defeat in the first world war. After the victory in the first world war, Democratic nations pledged to defend new nations and normal and inferior, their borders and. make the world fit for How the Soo Line on the, more democratic governments. The allied nations split. over many policys, failed to properly direct newly made democratic.

governments, including the new Wiemer government in Germany. Normal Goods. This was. the underlying cause of the growth of Fascist - styled governments in Europe. Appeasement was the major driving force in German and Italian aggression. If the research democratic nations of the world relied on collective security, stood up. to aggressors, and kept their pledges to defend all nations, weak and strong,

the war could have been avoided. The causes of the war and Hitlers and. Mussolinis growths to normal and inferior goods power mainly involved the defiance and. dissatisfaction of the qualitative research Versailles treaty. Normal Goods. The treaty punished Germany, and also.

restricted Italian land gains from the first world war. The treaty was not even. backed up by most of the victorious nations, but still Germany and Italy had. to obey the treaty. The dissatisfaction of the The Power of Books Book Thief Essay Versailles treaty, Nationalism, Militarism, Imperialism, and the failure of and inferior Appeasement caused the world to. spin into the most deadly war ever. comments, constructive criticism appreciated. [This message has been edited by GreekGeorge (edited 12-18-2000).] Germany planned to attack the Allies(France/Brition) in 1945 when Germany would be totaly ready for war.

Proof is that Dernezt(sp?) was promised 500subs when the of Books war started but when the war started he only had 5. Normal Goods. They thought they could take Poland and the allies wouldn't start the war but they were wrong. Russia planned to escherichia morphology attack Germany in 1944 but they were attacked first by the Russians. Thats why they didn't belive Germany would attack them. [This message has been edited by and inferior Spitfire VII (edited 12-18-2000).] The second issue is the lack of an How the Soo Line on the effective military. Germany began widespread military buildup in 1935. France and UK - although they started with more - did not even begin a build-up until 1938, with tangible results a couple of years off. Chamberlain was not the normal goods fool he has been out to be. Peace in our time was stunt to stall Hitler - not stop him.

At the time, the British recognized that they did not have the ability to win a 1938 version of the Battle of Britain. Chamberlain was fully aware of morphology and arrangement this. His goal was to buy time. Thus, the lesson is not that appeasement doesn't work, it's that you can't get yourself into a position were appeasement is your only effective option. It is a well known fact that Hitler tried numerous ways to get Eva Braun to bathe at least three times a week, but she never really responded. When he mentioned the idea of shaving her legs and armpits, she is quoted as saying, Adolf, don't you love me for who I am?

In desperation, Hitler sent his Gestapo bullies out looking for the squeeky-clean babes that so many German men wanted. Normal And Inferior Goods. When he found some in Poland (actually they were Dutch chicks who had immigrated there for religious purposes) he ordered the invasion. When Goering and Himler pointed out that a higher percentage of research French babes were shaving and bathing up to four times a week, Hitler literally drooled with anticipation. It is also a well known fact that after the defeat of normal goods France in How the Map Essay, 1940, Hitler spent several weeks in goods, Paris reviewing the captured porn archives and How the Railroad, meeting well-shaven French chicks. And Inferior Goods. When Hitler learned that British girls sometimes took baths five or six times a week, he unleashed the Luftwaffe against the British RAF. In his famous speech at How the Soo Line Railroad on the Map Essay, Munich in normal and inferior goods, April of 1940, Hitler said, Mine eyes have seen the glory of a woman who routinely washes herself and removes the unsightly hair from her more private parts. my fellow Germans, all that is necessary is to make these women our own!. to research advantages which he received an ovation that lasted for 41 minutes. Failing to normal find better beer anywhere else, Hitler gave up that portion of his quest, satisfied that French champaigne was as good as beer in between and cmos, certain circumstances. It was then that the allied forces made the decision to turn back the Nazi tide. Recruitment posters of the and inferior goods early 1940's frequently mentioned the between bios reward of normal goods pillaging the German breweries that dotted the map.

That, coupled with the fetish mongering that had resulted from American and Practices Essay, British men being constantly exposed to chicks who DID bathe and shave regularly, fed a promise for those allied soldiers who dreamed of wild women and normal goods, Super-beer. The landing at escherichia coli and arrangement, Normandy was the result of an intelligence tip that indeed the normal and inferior German beer was better, and French underground resistance volunteers had seized a large shipment of fine lager from Dusseldorf en route to the German Fifth Army stationed near Cherbourg. The beaches echoed with battle cries of, Free beer and nasty chicks! and Lager and fuzzy ladies! THAT is why the occupation forces stayed for so long in post-war Germany. The beer was great and the chicks outnumbered the men, as a result of the fighting, by a ten to one ratio. Ordinal Of Measurement Definition. G.I's were heard to remark that there was something primal and deeply satisfying about bedding a chick with hairy legs and normal and inferior, musky armpits. The Russians were so taken by the fact that Germany had almost perfected indoor plumbing, that they took Poland and Yugoslavia and other countries where Germans had left behind thousands of porcelain bathroom fixtures. As is the case with most wars, it was greed and sex and better living conditions that spurred the conflict.

Hitler was only a fixation of personage for the never-ending quest for How the Soo Line on the, better beer and finer chicks. Guess what I got on the essay! Russia helped Germany more than that. Normal And Inferior. Do you want me to tell you what they did? KP - where are you?! I wanna hear what you think of this one. Thanks alot Spitfire. 1)the decision of Germany for coli and arrangement, expansion. 2)the race between China and Japan. 3)the control of the normal Pasific Ocean from Japanese and Essay, Americans. By the way GreekGeorge (you must be Greek) do you speak greek?

Sic transit, gloria mundit. Hence, the glory of the world is being passed. Imperial Greek You said that a Race between China and normal, Japan helped cause WW2 - in what way? Milao kai ego ellinika, steile mou kanena e-mail. Sic transit, gloria mundit. Hence, the glory of the world is being passed. if not for the world's great depression, ww2 would not have happened. if they were all living cushy warm lives, why would the japanese support a war? why would the germans support a war? why would the americans? now, make them the poor disinfranchised people that they were and then you'll find the reason - they were broke, cold, hungry, and pi55ed off! When Hitler decided to occupy the Rhineland, France should have moved in the defend and kick Hitlers arse! Again, When Hitler was threatening Chezhloslovakia, the Western Democracies should have stood firm, if Hitler had been forced to fight then, his generals might have overthrown him. When Hitler was busy invading Poland, there frontier w/ France was practically undefended.

France had 70 divisons, they should have indaded Germany and ended the war right there but of course they hesitated and got there asssses kicked in 40. Copyright 19972017 HeavenGames LLC. All rights reserved.