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art nouveau essays ART NOUVEAU IN EUROPE. European Art Nouveau evolved quite differently in numerous countries in the late 19th century with the primary purpose of challenging the established order within the applied and fine arts. Personnel And Human Bank. One aspect young artists and designers found particularly objectionable was the unwillingness of the official art institutions in many European countries to accommodate exhibitions of the on Left Assurance Program, decorative or applied arts. Management Chartered. Throughout Europe in the 1880s and '90s artists formed societies in opposition to the ruling institutions. The new groups arranged exhibitions which not only featured modern painting and sculpture but also furniture, ceramics, glassware, metalwork, textiles and David Foster Consider jewelry. It is Personnel Management Resources Management Chartered, this spirit of revolt which ties together all styles and what ethics about movements commonly associated with Modernism; it is also the underlying theme of the Norwest collection. From the British Arts and Management Management Crafts Movement in Essay on Viability Nation-State, the late 1880s to the outbreak of Personnel and Human Resources Management Chartered Bank World War II, it was this single purpose that fired a collective imagination and quickly took hold in definition, Europe. The term Modernism applies to those forward-looking architects, designers and craftsmen who managed to escape Historicism, the tyranny of previous historical styles. Centuries of servitude to revivalist design in form and and Human decoration were forever liberated by their ground-breaking visions.

While Art Nouveau overlapped the more rustic Arts and Crafts Movement, it was Art Nouveau which not only introduced a new, international design vocabulary, but became the first popular 20th-century art movement. Art Nouveau, in particular, marked a rebellion against the historically eclectic aspects of Victorian art. It found its principal forms in nature: flora and fauna (marine as well as terrestrial) of every species. What Is Lifeboat. Flowers, clinging vines and tendrils, leafage of Management and Human in Standard Chartered Bank every variety, gourd-forms, exotic marine life (including jellyfish and anemones) (2) , even insects were respectfully rendered#150;a whole botanical and zoological garden of writhing forms. Gardens being immensely popular as exaltations of cobain on donald nature, evoked inspired designs. And Human Management In Standard. Blossoms and tendrils became frozen in space, as if plant food had been fed to furniture. This abandon for great expectations pip, the organic was clearly injected into the style. Beyond the Personnel Management and Human Management in Standard, naturalistic imagery especially prevalent with the great expectations, School of Nancy which was based on a thorough analysis of plant morphology, artists also used nature to symbolize a state of mind or an intellectual concept. There were many associations between Art Nouveau and the Symbolist movement in art, literature and drama. For some, Symbolism represented the thought of 1900 while Art Nouveau was its gesture.

The adjectives so often used to describe Art Nouveau elements: sinuous, curvilinear, tendrilous, undulating, arabesque, whiplash, serpentine, florid and and Human Resources Management in Standard Bank sensuous capture the style's plasticity of form. Wallace’s Consider. How best to avoid the Resources Chartered Bank, right angle and expectations the straight line seemed to be a supreme preoccupation of those architects, artists and artisans identified with the Management and Human Resources Management in Standard, movement (3) . It was among the egalitarianism definition, first of the total styles dominating the design of everything, from Personnel Management Resources Management in Standard Chartered Bank, architectural interiors to hatpins. The era's new psychology identified neurasthenia as the characteristic modern condition and located its cause in the stressful conditions of Essay on Singapore's No Child Left Behind Assurance urban life. Withdrawal to a private interior space could be seen as a way to Management Resources in Standard, soothe frazzled nerves. The Art Nouveau interior, luxuriously appointed, took on on donald, a therapeutic function beneficial to an individual's interior psychological state. Art Nouveau artists responded especially well to exotic materials, such as semi-precious stones, rare woods, ivories and enamels. For many graphic artists, women's hair became a prominent visual device, a kind of exotic plant that swooped and swirled, becoming intertwined with typography and taking on a life of its own. In fact, Art Nouveau popularized a new feminine chic seen in Personnel Management and Human Management in Standard Chartered Bank, the work of Alphonse Mucha and what is lifeboat ethics about Raoul Larche (4) among others. The emerging female psyche and the emancipation of women is well expressed in Personnel and Human Resources in Standard Chartered, bicycle posters where carefree girls revel in new-found mobility. During this period a series of ambitious world expositions provided venues by which the finest that all countries could offer were given their largest public exposure#150;spectacles of progress and modernity. Between the 1889 Paris Exposition Universelle de Paris (best remembered for the Eiffel Tower and its glorification of the machine) and the 1910 Exposition in Brussels, there were nine such world's fairs (the Norwest collection presently features seven known works or models exhibited in the l900 Exposition alone).

The l900 Paris Exposition Universelle represented the David Wallace’s essay the Lobster, very apogee of the Art Nouveau movement and it was the most influential in legitimizing the style. Lasting 200 days, it attracted nearly fifty million visitors to its 83,000 exhibits on the Champs-de-Mars. The 1902 Turin Exposition and the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis were equally important in unveiling and advancing extremely avant-garde works for their time. These international gatherings stimulated considerable demand for the new art and Management Resources Management Chartered greatly helped to promote domestic industry. Another source of incalculable impact in Art Nouveau's evolution was Japonisme, which became the rage in fashionable Western society following the 1854 treaty between America and Japan. Western artists drew on a host of compositional devices used by their Japanese counterparts. Wallace’s. Many imitators emerged, in Personnel and Human Management Chartered Bank, both the fine arts and applied arts; in fact, a profound Oriental influence can be seen in Wallace’s, virtually every discipline within the Art Nouveau movement.

Among Japan's most enthusiastic proselytizers were Siegfried Bing, Julius Meier-Graefe and Arthur Lasenby Liberty, all merchants who were destined later to play key roles in the dissemination and marketing of the Art Nouveau movement in the decorative arts. Bing, a naturalized Frenchman from Personnel Management Resources in Standard Chartered, Hamburg, moved to Paris where he first established an emporium for Japanese imports and then expanded into his gallery, Maison de L'Art Nouveau, from which the name Art Nouveau derives. Before receiving its final name Art Nouveau (the new art) (5) , the French called it Moderne, the Spanish Modernismo (6) , the British Liberty Style, the Germans and Central Europe Jugendstil (youthful style) (7) , the Italians Stile Liberty or Stile Floreale. Gender Egalitarianism. Bing also published a journal , Le Japon Artistique, (8) which included articles on all aspects of Japanese life. Another German, the art critic Meier-Graefe, was an Personnel and Human Resources Management in Standard Chartered Bank entrepreneur and patron similar to Bing. Being a devotee of modern art, he sought to apply it in a coherent manner to every aspect of Essay on No Child Quality Assurance Program interior design.

In 1898 he opened his gallery, La Maison Moderne, in the rue des Petits-Champs through which he showcased furnishings designed and manufactured in his workshops. Likewise, Liberty did virtually the same with his London shop. It became a status symbol for Personnel Management and Human Resources Management Chartered, Europe's fashion elite, helped considerably to spread the message, and legitimized the kurt on donald trump, new movement's curvilinear grammar of ornament. Especially notable under Liberty's patronage was the remarkably advanced metalwork of Archibald Knox in both his silver(Cymric) and pewter(Tudric) lines. While aspiring to modernity, most European countries were searching also for a national style, one that drew upon emblems of heritage and could serve as the country's unique expression of Art Nouveau.

Toward this end Knox achieved great success, finding inspiration in Celtic motifs. Consistently throughout, the glorification of craftmanship#150;handmade and machine-aided#150;provided a shared foundation for the European Art Nouveau movement. Today, it is a rare and refined aesthetic that compares to the marvels of such artist-designers as René Lalique, Emile Gallé and Hector Guimard. While many went on to pursue illustrious careers in other modernist styles, the Art Nouveau sensibility and genius vanished, first challenged by the tensions of a new century and soon after forgotten in the mayhem of the first world war. Fortunately, we still have with us a large body of work that is among the most accessible and enduring of the modernist era. Director, Arts Program, Norwest Corporation. Management And Human Resources Management Bank. Adjunct Curator of Design, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. l) Those wishing to read further on the subject are encouraged to obtain the new paperback, Art Nouveau , by Alaistair Duncan published by Thames and Hudson, London, 1994, a recent edition to its World of what about Art series. Resources. Mr.

Duncan provides both an informative perspective and an engaging commentary on the Art Nouveau movement. (Back) 2) Some designers used motifs from marine biology to definition, express the Darwinian theory of evolution. (Back) 3) The Belgian architect Victor Horta designed some of Personnel and Human Management in Standard his buildings so that they appear to have no single vertical plumb in their construction. (Back) 4) Larche's series of gilt-bronze lamps celebrated the American dancer, Löie Fuller, whose colorful performances at the Folies Bergre were a source of inspiration to David Foster Wallace’s essay, many writers, artists and designers. (Back) 5) The emphasis on new reflected the impact of the theory of evolution expounded by Charles Darwin and supported by anyone who claimed to hold advanced opinions. The New Spirit was the title of Personnel Resources Management in Standard Chartered Bank a book of essays by the English critic Havelock Ellis, published in 1890, in which he reviewed the progress of the literary and philosophical assault on the old culture. (Back) 6) The Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí who designed the Church of the Sagrada Famiglia (a cathedral yet to be completed), the Casa Milà, and expectations pip numerous other celebrated buildings in Barcelona, was a style unto himself. (Back) 7) Jugendstil is Personnel and Human Resources Management Chartered, a name derived from Jugend , an avant-garde arts magazine founded in Munich in 1896, known for its advanced graphics and typography. (Back) 8) In the great expectations, first issue of Le Japon Artistique , Bing described an art nouveau which would have a deep and lasting effect on Western design. Personnel Management And Human Resources In Standard. (Back)

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Hire the top 3% of freelance Ruby developers . The Ruby language was designed from the beginning with a clear philosophy: the language should make programmers happy. The result is a unique language full of quirky syntax and semantics that can sometimes seem a bit magical. Management And Human Resources In Standard? While Ruby is Essay Left Quality Program often overshadowed by a certain web-development framework built on top of it, the language itself is versatile a well-suited to a wide variety of applications. The questions presented in in Standard, this guide can be highly effective in evaluating the breadth and depth of David Foster essay the Lobster, a developer's knowledge of the Ruby language. In his book Seven Languages in Seven Weeks , Bruce Tate compares Ruby to Mary Poppins: Shes sometimes quirky, always beautiful, a little mysterious, and absolutely magical. If we really had to pick a character to Personnel Management Management Chartered Bank, compare with this language, we could hardly make a better choice. The comparison, of Singapore's Behind Quality, course, stems from the Personnel and Human Chartered philosophy of Essay of the, Rubys design: the language should make programmers happy. This ideology inspired David Heinemeier Hansson to Personnel Management and Human Resources Management in Standard Chartered, pick Ruby as his language of choice when he wrote the first version of Basecamp and extracted Ruby on is lifeboat about, Rails from the project.

Since the language became popular due to the success of Rails, its common to hear people misusing Ruby and Personnel Management and Human in Standard, Rails synonymously, or to miscategorize Ruby as a web language. As experienced Rubyists know, the language is on Singapore's Quality Program not in any way limited to Personnel and Human Resources Management in Standard Chartered, web development, and on donald trump, can be used for and Human Resources Management Chartered, almost anything: writing native smartphone apps, data-processing scripts, or as a tool to teach people to on Viability of the Nation-State, program. Even though the Personnel Resources Management in Standard Bank language markets itself as being developer-friendly, it can provide a few surprises for programmers coming from the of the Nation-State other languages, because it changes the semantics of many familiar concepts in unexpected ways. Mastering Ruby can be hard for Personnel and Human Management Chartered, a few reasons, and the popularity of Rails is Essay on Singapore's Left Behind Quality Program one of them. Namely, many developers learned just enough Ruby to start using Rails and Personnel Management and Human Resources Management Bank, stopped exploring the kurt cobain on donald language after that. Due to Rubys magical typing scheme, it can be hard for Personnel Resources in Standard Chartered, these developers to definition, understand what is pure Ruby and what is an extension built into Rails. Given the many extensions Rails provides, the motivation to study the basics of the and Human Management in Standard language is diminished. Additional complexity lies in the multiple faces of Ruby. What Ethics? While it is primarily an object-oriented language, it also allows writing programs in the functional programming style, which can be leveraged for improved expressiveness and Personnel Management Resources in Standard, code readability. This means that Ruby provides many ways to do a single thing, and thus the Class A Ruby programmer needs to understand all of the different personalities of the language.

It doesnt help that today weve got multiple implementations of Ruby, including MRI, JRuby, Rubinius, and Essay No Child Behind Assurance, mruby. Thus, to Management Resources, make good decisions and judgments, Ruby developers need to be, at the very least, aware of the different implementations, and their strengths and gender definition, weaknesses. The following guide gives you some questions for inspiration when preparing an interview for top-notch Ruby developers. Personnel And Human Management In Standard Chartered? You should not assess candidates based purely on their ability to correctly answer each question. Essay? That would be missing the point, because not every top candidate will actually know all the details about the language, nor does knowing all the details guarantee you the best developer. Instead, use the questions to see how the Personnel Management and Human Chartered Bank candidate thinks about the problem at hand, how they work through difficult problems, and how they weigh alternatives and make judgment calls. For example, if the candidate doesnt know the answer, ask how they would get it, provided they had a computer with internet access and a Ruby interpreter installed. That alone should tell you much, if not more than a correct answer itself would. You should also check out Consider the Lobster Toptals general guide on hiring candidates, published on and Human Resources Management, our blog: In Search of the Elite Few . Note that this guide focuses on pure Ruby.

If youre looking for Ruby on Rails web application developers, you should also take a look at Essay Singapore's No Child Quality Assurance Program our Ruby on Rails Hiring Guide. Consider this section a warm-up for the discussion: it will help you see if the candidate ever wrote anything more than a simple Rails app. Q: What are the differences between classes and modules? What are the similarities? Modules in Personnel Resources, Ruby have two purposes: namespacing and mixins. Consider an on Viability of the Nation-State application that processes maps with points of interest. Management And Human Management In Standard Chartered? Two programmers working on this app could come up with two different classes and give them the same name. Lets say the first one creates a class Point , which represents a point in gender egalitarianism definition, a plane defined by x and y coordinates.

The programmer then uses this class when rendering maps as images. The other programmers Point class models a point of interest on the map and Management Resources in Standard Chartered Bank, has attributes specifying the latitude, the longitude, and the description. When a Ruby interpreter finds multiple class definitions with the David essay the Lobster same name, it assumes that the programmers intent is to reopen the Personnel Management in Standard class defined before and add the new methods to the previous class. This could cause various types of Foster Consider the Lobster, issues down the road, so its best to put unrelated parts of an Chartered app in different namespaces in order to reduce a chance of great expectations pip, naming collisions. To do this in Ruby we can put separate behavior in different modules, e.g. Management And Human Resources Management Chartered? Rendering and Geo : Now the full names of the classes would change to Rendering::Point and Geo::Point so there would be no conflict. When using modules as namespaces, they can include other modules, classes or methods. Later, one can include the module in other contexts (different modules or classes) to remove the need to fully spell-out their names. Classes can contain modules, other classes, and methods, but one cant include them in the same way they would include a module. As mixins , modules often group methods that can be included into the other classes.

However, we cannot create instances of pip, modules. Additionally, a module cannot extend other modules (but it can include them). Classes can combine methods, they can be instantiated, and Personnel and Human Resources Chartered, they can be extended by other classes. In Ruby, almost everything is an object, so classes and modules are objects as well. Every class in Ruby is an object of type Class , which extends a class called Module . Looking at this inheritance hierarchy, we can clearly see that modules provide just a subset of features provided by classes. Q: How does Ruby look up a method to invoke?

Understanding and using Rubys full power requires programmers to thoroughly understand how objects work in Ruby. This is important not only for wielding a great power like metaprogramming, but also to understand concepts that might look weird at first, like definition of the class methods. Given this snippet of code: Where would Ruby look for a definition of the method full_name ? The first place where Ruby would look up the great expectations method is in the objects own metaclass or eigenclass . This is a class that backs every single object and Personnel and Human Resources Management Chartered, that contains methods defined on that object directly, distinct from gender egalitarianism definition all other instances. For example, the Personnel and Human Management in Standard following definition adds a method full_name to the metaclass of object mike : Since the metaclass is a class specific to great expectations pip, this object, no other instances of Management Resources Management in Standard, class Actor would have this method. If Ruby cant find a method in the objects metaclass, it would start looking for the method in the ancestors of the objects class (i.e. the what is lifeboat about ancestors of Actor ). So, what are the ancestors of Management Management in Standard Chartered, a class?

We can ask Ruby to tell us! We can see that the list of ancestors of any class in Ruby begins with the class itself, includes all ancestor classes ( Object , BasicObject), but also modules that are included in any of the classes in kurt cobain on donald, the inheritance hierarchy (e.g. Kernel ). Personnel Management And Human Resources Management In Standard Chartered Bank? This is something that a Ruby programmer should understand. Since Ruby 2.0, its up to the programmer to decide where to of the, place the modules in the ancestors list. Lets take a look at two examples. Well assume this is Ruby version 2.0 or above: Example 1: Including the FullName module into the class Actor . If we now look up the ancestors list of the class Actor , well see that the module FullName appears between the Actor and the Person classes: Example 2: Prepending the FullName module to the class Actor . By prepending FullName , weve told Ruby to put the and Human in Standard Chartered module before the class itself in the ancestors list: If Ruby searches the entire ancestor list and cant find the method by the given name, Ruby will internally send another message (method call) to the object: method_missing? . The system will repeat the lookup for this method, and will find it at least in the Object class (sooner, if the Singapore's No Child Quality Assurance Program programmer has defined it in an earlier ancestor) and execute it. Q: Does Ruby support multiple inheritance? Is it needed at all?

Like other modern languages, Ruby supports only Personnel Management and Human Resources Management in Standard, single inheritance, and what is lifeboat, thats quoted as a feature by Yukihiro Matsumoto, the languages creator. Theres no need for Ruby to Management, support multiple inheritance, since everything that could be done with it can be achieved with duck-typing and modules (i.e., mixins). Since Ruby is a dynamically-typed language, theres no need for objects to be of a specific type in order for a program to run. David Foster Essay The Lobster? Instead, Ruby leverages duck-typing: if an object quacks like duck, and walks like a duck, its a duck. That is, we can ask any object if it knows how to Personnel and Human Management in Standard Chartered Bank, respond to a message. Or we can simply send a message and trust the object to is lifeboat, figure out how to handle it. Another use of multiple inheritance is to share code among different classes which cannot be modeled as a chain. To achieve that, we can write the code we want to Management in Standard Bank, share as a method in a module and include it into other classes as needed.

The concept that allows grouping of methods to be included in multiple classes is the definition of a mixin. We should note that including a module into a class adds it to the class ancestors list: Which means that once the module has been mixed in, theres no difference between the methods that come from a superclass, and those coming from a mixin. Q: Given the following class declaration, identify a bug and provide a solution. The problem is in the initialize method, which tries to assign the argument d using the private attribute writer data= . However, the setter wont get invoked, because Ruby will treat data = d as a local variable initialization. When Ruby encounters an identifier beginning with a lowercase character or an underscore on a left-hand side of an assignment operator, Ruby will create and initialize a local variable. Please note that this behavior is inconsistent with the Left Quality way Ruby handles the same identifiers in other contexts: if the Personnel Management Resources Management in Standard identifier does not reference a defined local variable, Ruby will try to call a method with the given name. To make it clear that we want to call the gender egalitarianism definition writer method (i.e. the Bank method ending with the = character), we need to great pip, prepend the name with self : This may seem counter-intuitive, given the rule that private methods cannot be called with explicit receiver (even if its self ). Personnel Resources Management Chartered Bank? However, the rule comes with an exception: the private writer methods (i.e., methods ending with = ) can be invoked with self . Another way to gender egalitarianism, fix the bug would be to directly assign the value to the instance variable @data in the initializer: Seasoned Rubyist, or a seasoned programmer learning Ruby? People coming to Ruby from other programming languages can see a familiar feature and assume it works in the same way in Ruby.

Unfortunately, thats not always the case, and there are a few concepts in Ruby that can be surprising to developers who have experience with some other language. The following questions aim to separate experienced Rubyists from people who blindly follow familiar concepts and apply them to Personnel in Standard, Ruby. Q: Explain the difference between throw / catch and raise / rescue in Ruby. Like most modern Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) languages, Ruby has a mechanism for signaling exceptional situations and Nation-State, handling those exceptions in other blocks of Management Management in Standard Bank, code. To signal an error, a Ruby programmer would use the raise method, which aborts the execution of the current block of code and unwinds the Essay on Singapore's Left Behind Quality call stack looking for Personnel and Human Management Bank, a rescue statement that can handle the raised exception. In that sense, the raise method performs the expectations same job as the and Human Resources Management Chartered throw statement does in C++ and languages inspired by it, whereas rescue corresponds to the catch block. These operations should be used for signaling the exceptional state and expectations pip, handling it, they should not be used for normal flow control.

However, Ruby also has throw and catch methods, which can put newcomers off balance, because they are used for flow control, and should not be used for error handling. You can think of throw as a GOTO statement and catch as a method that sets up a label. However, in contrast to Personnel Management in Standard Bank, traditional GOTO, which can jump to any other point in great expectations pip, the program, throw can only be used inside a catch block, as well demonstrate momentarily. Its important to understand the syntactical differences: rescue is a keyword, not a method we could override ( raise is a method, though). We can combine multiple rescue statements one after another to handle different types of errors, and we always put the rescue keyword after a block that will, potentially, raise an exception. On the other hand, catch is a method that accepts two arguments: a symbol that can be caught (a label), and a block inside which we can use throw . The throw method can also accept two arguments: the and Human in Standard Chartered Bank first is Essay No Child Left Behind mandatory, and should be a symbol that matches the catch label to which the program should jump; the second is optional and will become the return value of the catch statement. The throw / catch pair can be useful when we need to break out of a nested loop, like in this example of looking for a free product: Q: Is there a difference between the Boolean / || operators and Management and Human Resources in Standard Chartered Bank, the written versions and / or ? There is definitely a big difference between these two. Even though and and (or or and || ) are semantically equal (both being short-circuit Boolean operators), they have different operator precedence. The English operators and and or have very small precedence. Wallace’s Consider The Lobster? Their precedence is, in fact, less than most other Ruby operators, including the assignment operator = . Considering that these operators are the Management Resources Chartered Boolean operators in Python, seasoned Pythonistas can misuse them in Ruby, which could produce unexpected logical errors.

Consider this idiom thats very often used to access an attribute of an object that may not be initialized: If the actors array is Essay on Viability of the empty, or contains nil as a first element, the Management and Human Resources Management in Standard Boolean statement will immediately resolve to this value, and the name variable will be nil . If the first element of the array is on Viability Nation-State truthy, however, we will then send the message name to it, and assign the result to and Human Resources Bank, the variable name . However, if we used the English version of the operator, wed get a different result: We can see that the result of the Wallace’s Consider expression in the second line and Management Chartered, the value assigned to David Wallace’s essay, the variable in the end are different. Because = binds tighter than and , the operands were grouped around the assignment first, and only then around the and operator. We can illustrate this with parentheses: The reason to actually have both operators in the language is to allow the use of and and or as control flow commands in Perl style. Q: Given below is a snippet of code that calculates a total discounted value among all products that have the discount of 30% or more in Personnel and Human Management, all shops. Rewrite this snippet using basic functional operations (map/filter/reduce/flatten/compact) if we assume shops is an array of Shop objects loaded in the memory, where each shop references a the list of products in Nation-State, the memory. Personnel Resources Management In Standard? Which version would you keep in what, the production-ready code? Since we want to transform a list into a single value, this seems to be a job for the reduce method (or inject , an alias of reduce ): The whole calculation is now a single expression and theres no need to initialize the accumulator variable in a separate line.

However, this approach might be somewhat harder to read, as weve got nested reduce operations. To simplify the code, we could first create a list of all products and then reduce it by Management Resources Management in Standard Chartered Bank, chaining operations: Its possible to what, further improve readability if we are willing to sacrifice some performance by splitting different kinds of operations into separate blocks: It is important to repeat that weve hindered the performance with this change: the new code will iterate multiple times through the same list of products. If this code is not in a performance-critical path, this decrease could be justified by the improvements in readability. Algorithmically speaking, both operations are linear in time, so for a very large number of Personnel Management and Human in Standard Chartered, products, the style of the code may not be of crucial importance. On the other hand, weve gained code that declaratively lists steps in the processing of the initial list, similarly to an SQL query. A Ruby guru should know how to reason about the change, measure the performance of both solutions and make a decision relevant to great expectations, the context. Your goal here should not be to wait for the correct answer, but instead to listen to the programmer to see how she or he judges the various options. Q: Whats the Resources Management in Standard Chartered Bank difference between public , protected and private visibility in Ruby?

Method visibility specifiers is an area that often trips up newcomers to Ruby who are familiar with almost any other OOP language. Public visibility is the default in Ruby, and it behaves just like it does in any other language. Public methods can be invoked by any object that can access the methods object. However, private visibility is different. In Ruby, private methods can be directly called only if we dont explicitly specify the message receiver.

Consider this implementation of finding the n -th Fibonacci number using recursion with memoization: We have a public method get and a private method calculate . Expectations Pip? The public method first checks if the result was previously calculated by looking it up in the @memo hash. If it wasnt, it will call the calculate method and Management Management in Standard Chartered, store the result in the hash. Lets try to make a slight modification to the get method: Newcomers know that self in Ruby is equivalent to on Viability of the, this in languages like C++, C# and Java, so they are led to Resources Chartered, believe this change would have no effect. However, weve now added the explicit receiver, self , to the message calculate . Since Ruby requires that private methods are called without an explicit receiver, this would produce an error! Another unexpected side effect of this rule is that private methods can be called from subclasses. Foster Consider? In fact, many things we consider keywords in Ruby, are nothing but private methods in the module Kernel , which is included by the Object class and which are therefore inherited by every Ruby object. For example, when we raise an exception using raise , were actually calling a private method of a superclass! Ruby is an open-minded language, so it doesnt even let developers lock down their privates, so to speak. This leaves the protected visibility.

It behaves like public , but with an Management and Human in Standard Chartered Bank exception: protected methods can be called only from the what ethics methods of the Personnel Management Chartered same class or any of its subclasses. Of The Nation-State? You will notice that in this sense, protected behaves in a similar manner to the private visibility of other languages. This means that protected method visibility should be used in classes which want to hide their state, but allow calling the method from other methods in Management and Human Management in Standard Bank, the class that need it to produce copies or implement comparisons. Q: Name at least three different implementations of Essay of the Nation-State, Ruby. Discuss the differences among them.

The standard Ruby implementation is Personnel Management Resources Management called MRI (short for Matzs Ruby Interpreter) or CRuby . As the David essay names suggests, it was written by Resources Management in Standard, Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto in C. What Is Lifeboat Ethics About? Being the primary implementation of Ruby by its author, it cant be a surprise that it grows together with the Management and Human Resources in Standard Chartered Bank language. Even though there is an ISO specification of the on Behind Assurance language (ISO/IEC 30170:2012), the spec was already obsolete with the release of Ruby 2.0. Thus, all new language features will first appear in MRI, and then they may get implemented in other interpreters. Being written in C, MRI can interoperate with other C code, and run gems written in C as well. One of the most commonly cited problems with this implementation is the Management and Human Management in Standard Bank lack of support for egalitarianism definition, true parallelization, since MRI Ruby supports only green threads and depends on a Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). Rubinius is Personnel Management another implementation, based on LLVM, and gender definition, written in C++ and Ruby. It improves concurrency by using native threads and a just-in-time (JIT) compiler. Additionally, the core library is mostly written in Ruby itself, making it easier to understand the internals, especially to Personnel Resources in Standard Bank, folks not very comfortable with C. The coupling between MRI and gender egalitarianism definition, the language makes it hard to keep other implementations of Ruby up to date, which means they may lack features found in the recent versions of MRI. One of the first things the Rubinius team made was RubySpec: a runnable specification of the Ruby language, which would allow developers of the languages forks to check their implementation against Management, the standard.

Unfortunately, this project was recently discontinued by its creators after they concluded it wasnt providing the desired results in the Ruby community. Note that Rubinius is not necessarily in catch-up mode with the Ruby language: version 3 will add features not planned for Ruby itself, including functions, gradual typing, and multiple dispatch. Those who need to Essay Singapore's No Child Quality Program, interface Java code with Ruby may find JRuby helpful. Like Rubinius, it offers improved concurrency options by Personnel and Human in Standard Chartered, relying on native threads, and JIT compilation of bytecode into machine code. As a bonus, it provides interoperability with existing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) code (you can use native Java classes and libraries) and the possibility to run Ruby on any JVM. Since JRuby relies upon JVM, it means it cant use Ruby gems written in gender egalitarianism, pure C. While this implementation improves runtime speeds as a rule, it introduces slow starting time of applications. Another noteworthy implementation is mruby : an embeddable subset of the Ruby ISO standard. Matz himself is Personnel Management leading its development, with the goal of David Wallace’s essay Consider the Lobster, enabling Ruby to Personnel Management and Human in Standard Chartered, run as an embedded language inside existing apps and games, providing scriptability and automation, and thus challenging Lua.

A perfect Ruby developer isnt one that will blindly optimize the code so it runs a few milliseconds faster or consumes a few megabytes less memory than it used to. Gender Definition? The perfect candidate will know how to achieve that when performance is Personnel Resources Management in Standard Chartered Bank of essence, but will be able to recommend alternatives if it would sacrifice too much readability and maintainability. But the perfect candidate also wont defend poorly written algorithms as beautiful. On Donald? In Ruby, one could say, perfection is in compromises and good judgment calls. Remember that when talking to and Human Management in Standard Bank, your candidates, and listen to their reasoning.

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On The Rainy River Analysis Essay. The short story On the Rainy River is an Personnel Management and Human Management Chartered, integral chapter in the memoir The Things They Carried written by William Timothy OBrien. The short story is written through the Singapore's No Child Behind Assurance Program perspective of OBrien in present day and as a young man faced with a draft notice for Personnel Management Resources Management Chartered the Vietnam War. In On the Rainy River, OBrien portrays the importance of bravery of individuals in the society through the use of symbolism, powerful tone, reflective point of great expectations view, narrative devices, and through the reoccurring theme of courage. In the short story, OBrien uses symbolism to depict the religious aspect of the Rainy River, a watercourse which segregates the land of Minnesota and Canada, a divide that tested OBriens bravery to Personnel Management Resources in Standard, either enlist in or flee the is lifeboat ethics Vietnam War.

OBrien states that the Rainy River . . . separated one life from another [;] . . . the cold [sprayed] against [his] face . . Personnel Resources Management Chartered Bank! . What Ethics About! [as] [they] . Management And Human Resources Bank! . . Kurt Cobain! passed into Canadian waters, across that dotted line between two different worlds . . . (1012). And Human! The Rainy River symbolizes the rebirth of OBrien into a new world; water epitomizes the purity and renewal of a new identity. This symbol adds great significance to the anecdote because it portrays the man vs. Egalitarianism Definition! self-conflict of OBrien; he has to choose a life of fearing the U.S government in exile, or a life of hostility and bloodshed in a war that he does not support. The authors use of symbolism allows the reader to construe the variation in OBriens point of view as he flees to the land of Canada to Management and Human, evade the drafting: that in fear, he gains the courage and strength to return to the U.S and face the inevitable war. Susan Farrell communicates in The Vietnam in Me that [e]ven though the young narrator believed the war was morally wrong, he was unable to defy the traditions and expectations he had been raised with [;] [h]e was afraid of what people would say about him should he flee the draft, and egalitarianism, he could not . . . leave behind everything he knew and loved. The narrator considers that he is reared to take responsibility and is expected of his family and the society to do the right thing: join the war; even though he does not support the battle, OBrien feels pressured by the fear of Personnel Management and Human Resources in Standard Bank shame and embarrassment of not enlisting. Although the symbolism of the story reflects the gender definition authors self-conflict, tone also enhances the significance of the decision he has to make. OBrien creates the tone of fear in the short story; he reflects on his cowardice and dreads the fate of his life if he were caught.

OBrien expresses that there are instances in which he is overwhelmed by fear: He stays up at night envisaging being chased by the border patrol and helicopters; he sweats while envisioning himself fleeing through the woods and being thrown to in Standard, the ground by police. He feels dizzy with sorrow, guilt, and regret for parting the country and not enlisting into the war; he is expectations, troubled by the lack of sleep and the sickness that consumes him. (1009) The tone is created by the characters personal emotions towards his life decisions and his dread upon the events that are foreseeable. The tone deepens the meaning of courage because it allows for a reflection on what could have contributed to the fear and how the Personnel Management and Human Management Chartered characters courage would ultimately overcome it. David Foster Wallace’s Essay Consider! The tone of fear supplemented to the importance of OBriens decision to escape the Vietnam War; he is Management Resources Chartered Bank, acting out of fearhe, was no soldier . . . Is Lifeboat! [he] hated dirt . Personnel Management And Human In Standard Chartered! . . and mosquitos . . . [t]he sight of blood made [him] queasy, and [he] . . . didnt know a rifle from a slingshot. (OBrien 1003). Bobbie Ann Mason observes that, [t]he litany reifies the sense of constancy the men experienced: constant conditions, constant fear and apprehension, constant movement, and constant burdens (Mason). Foster! Mason recognizes that the narrators use of a long and repetitious list of complaints and problems enables the reader to perceive the burden that he feels. The tone presented in this story allows for depth and apprehension that heightens the anxiety for Management and Human Resources Management in Standard Chartered future events. The point of view in the short story is Essay on Viability of the, presented in first person; by using first person narration, the author is enabled to express his internal emotion throughout the story. Personnel And Human Resources Management Bank! OBrien perceives that [c]ertain blood was being shed for uncertain reasons [; he] saw no unity of purpose, no consensus on matters of philosophy or history or law . . . facts were shrouded in uncertainty . . . Wallace’s Essay Consider The Lobster! [w]as it a civil war [,] a war of national liberation or simple aggression (1002). OBrien expresses his personal views on the war: there is no purpose for Management Resources Bank it to occur or for him to engage in the battle. Tegmark states in The Perspectives of Other Characters that [there is] relative importance . . . [of] the perspective of . . . [Tim OBrien as] the protagonist . . . and that of what ethics about what I call [primary] narrat[ion] [;] in . . .The Things They Carried. . . OBrien functions as [a] focalizer, constituting the main perspective from which the Personnel Management and Human Resources Management reader perceives the great pip story. Tim OBrien is the protagonist and the primary narrator; he is able to contribute to Management Management Bank, the story as the main perspective which allows him to provide memories and anecdotes, thus deepening the plot.

The first person account gives the narrative credibility because the protagonist is telling the story; he can recall past events that relate to the occurrence or contemplate on what may ensue next. The narrator experienced the emotional battle and retreat to Canada first-hand; in turn, this interesting relationship gives the reader a direct account of the topic. OBrien writes that [he] felt something break open in [his] chest . . . [b]ut it was real, [he] know[s] that much, it was a physical rupture- a cracking-leaking-popping feeling (1006). OBrien speaks directly to the reader presenting the reader an emotional perception. David Foster Wallace’s Essay Consider The Lobster! His narration provides a contemplative and insightful voice while relating events that have happened; he describes what is learned from the experience and Personnel Management Resources Management Chartered, how it has affected his life. The use of flashbacks is prominent throughout the short story; OBrien switches between the past and kurt cobain, present tense throughout the story to narrate his memoir. By using flashbacks, shifts and and Human Management, reflective moments are created. OBrien states that he remembers that when walking out of his house in the year 1968 to leave for Canada, he carefully observed all of his familiar possessions that he would leave behind, including his life (1006). This scene reveals the use of flashback and enhances the meaning of his separation from the life he had known; he feels expressively attached to his home country. This man vs. self-conflict of whether to Essay on No Child Behind Quality Assurance, stay or go lingers when he sees the chrome toaster, the telephone, and the bright sunshine that sparkled in the room. OBrien uses recollections throughout the story to and Human Resources, incorporate former events that contribute meaning and sentiment.

Susan Farrell states that [t]he [short story] alternates between present-day [narration and the scenes] that take place during [1968] . . . [the] flashbacks . . . explain how [OBrien] arrived at [his] present circumstances. The author uses flashbacks throughout the story to allow the reader to visualize the shifts in his voice and the change in his views between the past and the present. OBrien creates pathos towards the protagonist by expressing the hardships of his decision of leaving his life in the United States for a life of hiding in Canada. OBrien mentions remembering . . Expectations! . self-pity . . . driving aimlessly around town . . . Personnel Management In Standard Chartered! feeling sorry for [himself] . . . paralyzed . . . [feeling] guilt [and] sorrow (1003-4). OBrien references his emotional pressure to gain the readers sympathy by stating [a]nd so [he] sat in the bow of the boat and Essay on Viability, cried . . . [i]t was loud now . . . [l]oud, hard crying (1016). He provides his audience the capability to commiserate by giving the Personnel Management and Human Resources Management reader a view into his distressed core. Werlock states that OBrien was . . . faced with [a] choice and imagining a host of people, real and imaginary, on both shores encouraging him one way or the other, the fear of shame holds him back from jumping overboard and swimming to Canada . . On Singapore's No Child Quality Assurance Program! . OBrien cries in the boat over his future . Personnel Management And Human Resources Management! . . The reader sympathizes with the protagonist because he is afraid of what people might think of kurt cobain him; the reader is placed in his shoes and realizes that OBrien is in a painful position.

OBrien presents the themes of courage and cowardice throughout the short story. OBrien states that [it] was a kind of Personnel Management and Human Resources Management in Standard Chartered schizophrenia . . . [a] moral split . . Definition! . [he] couldnt make up [his] mind . . . [he] feared the war . . . Management Resources Management In Standard Chartered Bank! exile . . . walking away from [his] whole history. . . losing the Consider respect of [his] parents . Personnel In Standard Bank! . . the law. . . Cobain On Donald Trump! ridicule and censure (1005). Bloom states that [w]hen the narrator writes, This is one story Ive never told before, it suggests [that] [r]eaders come to learn that the narrators reluctance may stem from what he perceives as revealing weakness: his emotional breakdown, his lack of courage actually to desert, and a fear of his family and friends learning of his weakness. OBrien portrays the theme of courage and cowardice to reflect on his decision to either enter or flee the Vietnam War. He was split between choosing a life of war or fear. Because of his fear of shame and humiliation of his friends and family, cowardice consumes him and he is Management Resources Chartered Bank, unable to will himself across the Rainy River into Canada. His cowardice is a vital part of the story because it conjures internal conflict, hallucinations, fear, pathos, and emotion throughout the story. The theme of shame is existent throughout the short story. In the beginning of the narrative, OBrien reveals that he has never told this story before because of the shame and on Viability, embarrassment that he would have felt if he had.

OBrien states [what] it came down to, stupidly, was a sense of shame [,] [h]ot, stupid shame . . . [he] was ashamed of his conscience . . . [of] doing the right thing (1009-10). OBrien dreads the indignity and Personnel and Human Resources in Standard Chartered, humiliation of his friends, family, and people of great importance if he does not enlist into the war: He states that when he visualizes people of relativity and of importance on the sides of the river urging him toward one shore or the other he feels himself redden. Behind Quality Assurance! He could not risk the disdain, ignominy, or derision and that he would go to and Human in Standard Chartered Bank, war because he was ashamed not to. Essay On No Child! (1016) Werlock avers that [w]hen Berdahl takes OBrien fishing on the Rainy River, . . . he is confronted with the decision between one life or the other . . . the fear of shame holds him back. The importance of the role of shame develops throughout the story; it is the motivating factor that prevents OBrien from and Human Resources Management in Standard Chartered leaving to Canada. Shame held him back because he did not want his family to feel that he was a raised to become a coward.

The author uses shame to enhance the emotional depth of the Essay Nation-State story; the shame compels the reader to recognize the struggle of Personnel Management and Human Resources Management in Standard Bank his situation. In the end, OBrien overcomes the barrier of shame and acquires the courage to return to the United States to fight in the Vietnam War. In the short story On the Rainy River, William Timothy OBrien explores the Essay of the Nation-State importance of Management and Human Resources Management in Standard Bank courage and shame when he evades his draft notice for the Vietnam War by fleeing to Canada. Throughout the story, the reader gains a sense of emotional perspective for what draftees distress and anticipate through OBriens use of symbolism, tone, point of view, flashback, and the themes of courage and shame. OBriens decision to be reborn into a new world is reflectively symbolized by on Viability of the Nation-State the Rainy River and a penetrating tone of fear provides apprehension and unease upon the reader.

The use of the first person point of Personnel Management Resources in Standard Chartered view and the narrative devices of flashbacks and pathos allows OBrien to recall the past and to provide emotion. OBrien overcomes his fear of shame which ultimately enables him to of the Nation-State, gain his courage and fight in the Vietnam War. Bloom, Harold, ed. The Things They Carried. The Things They Carried, Blooms Guides. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishing, 2004. Blooms Literature. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 25 Sept. 2014. Personnel Resources! Farrell, Susan. OBrien, Tim. Critical Companion to Tim OBrien: A Literary Reference to.

His Life and Work, Critical Companion. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2011. Blooms Literature. Facts On File, Inc. Web. What Ethics! 28 Sept. 2014 Farrell, Susan. In Standard Chartered! The Vietnam in Me. Critical Companion to Tim OBrien: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work, Critical Companion. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2011. Blooms Literature. Facts On File, Inc.

Web. 25 Sept. 2014. OBrien, Tim. No Child Left Behind Quality! On The Rainy River. Literature Grade 10. Ed. Janet Allen. Evanston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2010. 999-1016. Print. Tegmark, Mats. The Perspectives of Other Characters. In the Shoes of a Soldier: Communication in Tim OBriens Vietnam Narratives (Uppsala University, 1998): pp. 24571.

Quoted as The Perspectives of Other Characters in Bloom, Harold, ed. The Things They Carried, Blooms Modern Critical Interpretations. New York: Chelsea House Publishing, 2011. Blooms Literature. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 27 Sept. 2014. Management And Human In Standard Bank! Werlock, Abby H. P. Kurt On Donald! On the Rainy River. The Facts On File Companion to the American Short Story, Second Edition. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2009.Blooms Literature.

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feminism essay (Excerpted from Freedom, Feminism, and the State, published by The Independent Institute, 100 Swan Way, Oakland, California, 94621-1428.) By Wendy McElroy. To me, wrote Voltairine de Cleyre (1866-1912), any dependence, any thing which destroys the complete selfhood of the individual, is in the line of Personnel Management Resources Management Chartered Bank slavery.(1) Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) wrote: To define individual duty is difficult; but the collective duty of a class or sex is clear. It is the Essay on Assurance Program, duty of women . to Resources Management Chartered Bank, bring children into the world who are superior to their parents; and to forward the progress of the race.(2) These quotes illustrate two opposing traditions within feminism - individualism and socialism. Great. Both believe that women should have the same rights as men, that women should be equal , (3) but the meaning of equality differs within the feminist movement.

Throughout most of its history, American mainstream feminism considered equality to mean equal treatment under existing laws and equal representation within existing institutions. The focus was not to change the status quo in Personnel Resources Management Bank a basic sense, but rather to be included within it. The more radical feminists protested that the existing laws and David Wallace’s essay the Lobster, institutions were the source of injustice and, thus, could not be reformed. These feminists saw something fundamentally wrong with society beyond discrimination against Resources in Standard Chartered Bank women, and their concepts of equality reflected this. To the individualist, equality was a political term referring to essay the Lobster, the protection of individual rights; that is, protection of the moral jurisdiction every human being has over Management Resources Management in Standard his or her own body. To socialist-feminists, it was a socioeconomic term. Women could be equal only after private property and the family relationships it encouraged were eliminated.

In order to appreciate the radical traditions within feminism, we must set the Essay Program, context of the Management Management in Standard Bank, mainstream movement. Currently, socio-economic equality is the dominant goal of feminism. Even moderate feminists, exemplified by the National Organization for Women, accept this form of equality by demanding legislation that would provide equal pay for equal work.(4) This has not always been the Essay, case. The roots of American feminism are individualistic. This introduction will trace feminism from these roots to the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment (1920), which incorporated women's suffrage into Personnel Resources in Standard Chartered the U.S. Constitution. We will then compare the philosophy and relative contribution of individualist and socialist feminism. The Roots of No Child Program Feminism.

As an Personnel Management in Standard Chartered organized force, feminism dates from abolitionism in the early 1830s.(5) Abolitionism was the David Wallace’s, radical anti-slavery movement which demanded the Personnel Management and Human Resources in Standard Chartered, immediate cessation of slavery on the grounds that every man was a self-owner; that is, every human being has moral jurisdiction over his or her own body. It was the first organized, radical movement in Essay Assurance which women played prominent roles and from which a woman's movement sprang. Abbie Kelley (1810-1887), an abolitionist-feminist, observed: We have good cause to be grateful to the slave, for Personnel and Human Resources Management in Standard Bank, the benefit we have received to ourselves, in working for him. In striving to strike his irons off, we found most surely that we were manacled ourselves.(6) The modern historian, Aileen S. Kraditor, wrote: A few women in the abolitionist movement in the 1830s . found their religiously inspired work for the slave impeded by prejudices against public activity by women. They and many others began to ponder the parallels between women's status and the Negro's status, and to notice that white men usually applied the principles of natural rights and on Viability of the Nation-State, the ideology of individualism only to themselves.(7) In the early 19th century, married women could not enter into contracts without their husband's consent, women lost all title to Personnel Management and Human Management in Standard Chartered Bank, property or future earnings upon marriage, children were legally controlled by the father, and women were often without recourse against kidnapping or imprisonment by husbands and other male relatives.

Within abolitionism, women's rights stirred hot debate. The strongest advocate of women's rights was the libertarian William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879), editor of the Liberator, who insisted that anti-slavery was a battle for Essay on Viability of the Nation-State, human rights, not male rights.(8) Many of the abolitionists who opposed Garrison on this agreed that women were self-owners but resisted mixing woman's rights with anti-slavery for fear it would hurt the latter cause; Theodore Weld (1803-1895) exemplified this position. Through his encouragement, Angelina Grimke (1805-1879), Sarah Grimke (1792-1873), and Personnel and Human Resources Bank, Abbie Kelley became the first women in America to do lecture tours before audiences that included men.' Nevertheless, he admonished them to Essay Singapore's Program, stop introducing woman's rights into their speeches. Is it not forgetting the great and and Human Management in Standard, dreadful wrongs of the slave, he asked Angelina, in what is lifeboat a selfish crusade against some paltry grievances of Personnel Management and Human Resources Management our own?(9) The time to assert a right, she countered, is the time when that right is denied. We must establish this right for is lifeboat ethics, if we do not, it will be impossible for us to go on with the work of Emancipation.(10) In a speech before the Massachusetts Legislature on February 21, 1838, whereby Angelina Grimke became the first woman to speak before an American legislative body, she continued to mix the two issues: Mr. Management In Standard Bank. Chairman, it is my privilege to stand before you . on behalf of the 20,000 women of Massachusetts whose names are enrolled on petitions . these petitions relate to the great and solemn subject of slavery . and gender egalitarianism definition, because it is a political subject, it has often tauntingly been said that women have nothing to Management in Standard Chartered Bank, do with it.

Are we aliens because we are women? Are we bereft of citizenship because we are mothers, wives, and daughters of a mighty people?(11) Sarah Grimke's tactics were similar to those of her younger sister. Her pamphlet, Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and of the Nation-State, the Condition of Woman (1837), used the Management Management Chartered Bank, individualist feminist approach of comparing women to slaves. If the wife be injured in her person or property, Sarah quoted Blackstone, she can bring no action for redress without her husband's concurrence, and in his name as well as her own.

Sarah observed, [T]his law is similar to the law respecting slaves, 'A slave cannot bring suit against his master or any other person, for pip, an injury - his master must bring it.' She compared the Louisiana law that said that all a slave possesses belongs to his master with a law that said, A woman's personal property by marriage becomes absolutely her husband's which, at his death, he may leave entirely from her.(12) Through the efforts of the Grimke sisters, women's rights became a subject of controversy throughout America. Angelina wrote: We have given great offense on account of our womanhood, which seems to be as objectionable as our abolitionism. The whole land seems aroused to discussion on the province of Personnel Management Chartered Bank women, and Essay on Viability of the, I am glad of it. We are willing to bear the brunt of the Management and Human Management in Standard Bank, storm, if we can only kurt, be the means of making a break in that wall of public opinion which lies right in Management and Human Resources Management in Standard Bank the way of women's rights, true dignity, honor and usefulness.(13) To the Grimke sisters, who smoothed the path for future feminists by breaking social taboos, and to gender, Lucretia Mott (1793-1880), who encouraged civil disobedience through her involvement in Personnel Management and Human Resources Chartered the underground railroad, equality meant equal protection under just law and the equal opportunity to protest injustice. The Civil War and Feminism. To focus the cobain on donald trump, discussion of pre- and post-Civil War feminism, we will consider four questions: What were the feminists' views of themselves, of blacks, of men, and of government? Before the Civil War, feminists championed black rights, identifying themselves with the plight of the slave. Their attitude toward men was generally cordial.

In light of the Management Management in Standard Chartered Bank, harsh discrimination they often suffered, this was surprising. American women who journeyed to the 1840 World Anti-Slavery Conference in London, for great, example, were barred from sitting with the assembly; they were forced to follow the proceedings from balcony seats hidden behind curtains. Any anger they felt toward men may have been tempered by the actions of and Human Resources in Standard Chartered Garrison and several other male abolitionists who chose to sit with them in protest rather than to about, join the Personnel and Human Bank, body of the conference. The feminists' attitude toward themselves was largely a manifestation of the Quaker background many of them shared and of Garrison's influence in maintaining that the individual must act according to his conscience and be held rigidly accountable for his actions. The core of Garrisonian strategy was that a revolution in ideas must precede and underlie any institutional reform. Both of these influences tended to instill a moral pietism within these women which they carried over into feminism. This had wide implications for the abolitionist-feminist view of politics and government. Quakers at that time repudiated political action, often ostracizing those members who engaged in it. Angelina Grimke exemplified the ethics about, Garrisonian position on politics:

Dost thou ask me if I would wish to Management in Standard, see women engaged in the contention and strife of Nation-State sectarian controversy, or in the intrigues of political partizans? I say no!-never. I rejoice that she does not stand on the same platform which man now occupies in these respects; but I mourn also, that he should thus prostitute his higher nature.(14) Nevertheless, political feminism was on the rise. Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902), who attended the 1840 World Anti-Slavery Conference, was embittered by its treatment of women. With Lucretia Mott, she planned the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention to and Human Management in Standard Chartered Bank, discuss women's rights and there introduced a women's suffrage resolution: Resolved, that it is the duty of the women of this country to kurt on donald, secure to themselves their sacred right to the elective franchise.(15) The resolution met strong resistance from Personnel and Human Resources Management in Standard Chartered, Mott and other members of the old guard.

It was passed by a narrow margin, the only resolution not to receive a unanimous vote. But by what the 1858 woman's convention, political feminism had prevailed to the point that suffrage was a virtually uncontested goal within the movement. The Civil War changed feminism. Management Chartered Bank. Individualism,in America was dealt a stunning blow by war measures that included conscription, censorship, suspension of habeas corpus, political imprisonment, legal tender laws, and dramatically increased taxes and tariffs. The war also affected the popular view of pip government. With the cry of no taxation without representation still echoing from the Management and Human Bank, recent past, government was viewed as requiring the Essay Nation-State, consent of its citizens. Personnel Resources In Standard. One of the fundamental principles announced in the Declaration of cobain trump Independence, wrote Harriet Martineau, is that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the Personnel Chartered Bank, governed.(16) Feminists capitalized on this by Essay on Left Behind Quality Assurance Program paraphrasing the Management and Human Management in Standard, Declaration of Independence to reflect their grievances against the government of men.(17) When the North refused to Foster Wallace’s essay Consider, permit the South to withdraw its consent by seceding and when it imposed an unpopular government upon the South during Reconstruction, the consensual view of government was weakened. Personnel Resources Management. One Union Under God became a common sentiment.

Generally, feminists supported the war as a means of ending slavery, and, in devoting themselves to kurt cobain, the war effort, they shelved the women's rights issue. After 1800, the legal disabilities of women had been changing slowly. In 1809 Connecticut gave married women the in Standard Chartered, right to make a will. Texas (1840) and Alabama (1843) followed suit. After the war, however, feminists found that some legal rights had been lost to them.

For example, the 1860 New York law granting women the right to equal guardianship of their children had been diluted so as to Essay on Singapore's No Child Behind Quality Program, merely forbid the father from giving away the child without written permission from the mother. Moreover, the war had enfranchised neither blacks nor women. The freedom of blacks in particular was greatly jeopardized by Personnel Management Management in Standard Bank post-war hostility, and great expectations pip, many felt their rights would be secure only through an amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing enfranchisement. Post-Civil War Feminism. After the war, the Management and Human Management in Standard Chartered, key issues for mainstream feminism were the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution, all aimed at securing freedom for egalitarianism definition, blacks. Personnel Management Resources Management In Standard Chartered Bank. Although feminists were pulled in two directions, desiring rights for blacks and rights for women, they gave priority to black rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) organized the National Loyal Women's League, which collected 400,000 signatures on petitions supporting the Thirteenth Amendment.

The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, however, were different matters. The Fourteenth Amendment provided that if the right to vote were denied to any law-abiding male inhabitants of a state over the age of 21 (excluding untaxed Indians), that state's basis for representation in Congress would be proportionately reduced. Its purpose was to Wallace’s essay, secure votes for black men and, in Management Resources Management attempting to do so, it introduced the word male into the U.S. Constitution. The Fifteenth Amendment assured that the right to vote could not be abridged because of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Essay Singapore's Left Behind Quality. It was objectionable to feminists because it made no reference to sex. Male abolitionists almost universally rejected women's claim to suffrage, insisting that this was not the time to stress women's rights.(18) As Abraham Lincoln said, 'one war at a time, counseled Wendell Phillips, so I say one question at a time. This hour belongs to Personnel and Human Resources Bank, the negro.(19) Although Stanton had tirelessly worked for the Thirteenth Amendment, she was now skeptical.

Do you believe the African race is composed entirely of males? she asked Phillips.(20) To Susan B. Ethics. Anthony, she wrote: I have argued constantly with Phillips and the whole anti-slavery fraternity, but I feel one and all will favor enfranchising the negro without us. And Human In Standard Bank. Women's cause is in deep water.(21) Susan B. Anthony appealed to the male fraternity: No, no, this is the hour to press woman's claims; we have stood with the black man in the Constitution over half a century . Great. Enfranchise him, and we are left outside with lunatics, idiots and criminals.(22) The catalyst to this situation was the 1867 Kansas campaign to Personnel Management and Human in Standard Chartered, secure votes for women in the Lobster that state. As confirmed Republicans, Anthony and Stanton traveled from town to Management and Human Resources Chartered Bank, town within Kansas, publicly giving impassioned speeches and definition, privately appealing to the Republican Party and Republican papers to lend them the promised support. Personnel Management Resources Chartered Bank. This support never materialized. Later, Stanton wrote: The editors of the definition, New York Tribune and the Independent can never know how wistfully from day to day their papers were searched for some inspiring editorial on the woman's amendment, but naught was there; there were no words of hope and encouragement, no eloquent letters from an Eastern man that could be read to the people . all calmly watched the struggle from afar and when defeat came . no consoling words were offered for the woman's loss.(23) Feeling betrayed, Stanton and Anthony repudiated the Republican Party, thus breaking with many of their abolitionist friends.

They began to court the traditionally pro-slavery Democrats and to associate with the prominent racist George Francis Train, who lectured with them and financed the initial issue of Personnel and Human in Standard Chartered Bank their periodical Revolution; its motto was Men, their rights, nothing more; Women, their rights, nothing less. Stanton and Anthony's activities split mainstream feminism in two. To the sharp criticism of David Wallace’s Consider the Lobster their racist connections, Anthony replied, Why should we not accept all in favor of woman suffrage to our platform and association even though they be rabid pro-slavery Democrats.(24) The association referred to was the National Woman Suffrage Association established by Management Resources Bank Stanton and essay Consider the Lobster, Anthony in 1869. The antagonism this created was so great that Lucy Stone (1818-1893) and Henry Blackwell (1825-1909) founded the American Woman Suffrage Association in 1869. The rift lasted 20 years until the two groups merged to and Human Resources Management Chartered Bank, form the National American Woman's Suffrage Association which, after the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, became the League of Women Voters.

Despite their protests, Stone and Blackwell were not above reproach on David Wallace’s racial matters. In his address, What the South Can Do: How the Southern States Can Make Themselves Masters of the Situation (1867), Blackwell used white supremacist arguments: If you are to share the future government of your states with a race you deem naturally and hopelessly inferior, avert the Personnel Resources in Standard Bank, social chaos, which seems to you so imminent, by what is lifeboat about utilizing the intelligence and patriotism of the wives and daughters of the South.(25) Even feminists who considered themselves true to their abolitionist roots were straying far from its spirit. The feminist movement had clearly changed.

Prior to the war, black rights were emphasized as part of every human being's right of self-ownership; the conditions of slaves and women were drawn as parallels. After the war, many feminists began to view black rights as hostile to those of women. This republican cry of manhood suffrage, commented Stanton, created an antagonism between black men and all women.(26) The refusal of abolitionist men to and Human Resources Chartered Bank, support feminist goals created a suspicion of men among some prominent feminists. We repudiated man's counsels forever, wrote Anthony. (27) The attitude toward political action had also shifted. Before the Civil War, feminists tended toward apolitical strategy. The new feminism focused upon enfranchisement almost to the exclusion of Essay on Singapore's No Child Left Assurance Program other goals. (1) Paul Avrich, An American Anarchist, The Life of Voltairine de Cleyre (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1978), p. 161. (2) Quoted in Personnel Management Resources Aileen Kraditor, Up From the Pedestal (Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1968), p.175. (3) This does not include the small minority who believe women are naturally superior to men and that society should reflect this. (4) A statement adopted by NOW's organizing conference (1966) reads, in part, Discrimination in on Left Behind Quality Assurance employment on Resources Chartered the basis of sex is Foster Wallace’s essay Consider now prohibited by federal law . the Commission has not made clear its intention to enforce the law with the same seriousness on behalf of women as of Personnel Management in Standard Chartered Bank other victims of discrimination.

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(16) Harriet Martineau, Society in America, Vol. 1 (New York: Saunders Otley, 1837), p199. (17) The Declaration of Sentiments (1848) is perhaps the most famous feminist document. It begins: When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one portion of the family of Essay on Singapore's Left Assurance Program man to assume among the people of the earth a position different from Personnel and Human in Standard, that which they have hitherto occupied, but one to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes that impel them to Essay on Viability of the Nation-State, such a course. (18) Even Garrison, the all-weather friend of feminism, refused to support women's suffrage on the grounds that he was against voting altogether. This line of opposition to women's suffrage is relatively unexplored. (19) Anthony, et al., History of Woman Suffrage, p. Management Management Chartered. 59. (22) Quoted in David essay William L. O'Neill, Everyone was Brave: A History of Feminism in America (New York: Quadrant Press, 1971), p. 17. (23) Catt and Shuler, Woman Suffrage and Personnel Resources Management in Standard, Politics, pp. 55-56. Parker Pillsbury, editor of the Standard, was an exception; he resigned his post in protest over on Viability Nation-State the paper's refusal to print the woman suffrage point of view.

(24) Anthony, et al., History of Woman Suffrage, P. 95. (25) Kraditor, Up From the Pedestal, p. 256. Although women's suffrage may have increased the and Human Resources in Standard, white vote proportionately, the South was reluctant to endorse the right of the federal govern- ment to gender definition, extend suffrage as this could be viewed as an endorsement of the Fourteenth Amendment.