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Electra complex - definition of Electra complex by The Free Dictionary

Define electra complex

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Religion and Life: A Personal and Public Essay. T he 16th century English chancellor and define electra, later Catholic saint Thomas Moore was, in the words of dramatist Robert Bolt, a man for all seasons. Religion itself is an ever-present topic for all seasons, but in a presidential election year it seems more so than ever. Remember the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy in 2008? Some of Warrior Brigade Essays, Republican Rick Santorums religious statements earlier this year? And for the next several months well continue to electra hear more about Mitt Romneys Mormonism. But religion is not only a fit subject for public discourse, but also a very personal matter. Just recently, two writers have demonstrated this.

One is Bill Keller of The New York Times, and Attorney Should Essay examples, the other is physicist and electra complex, former Oberlin College president Robert Fuller in a series of An Analysis Women's, essays that are appearing on the LA Progressive. Electra Complex. In their essays, as in An Analysis of identity: Women's Rights Essay many others on religion, the personal and public aspects intersect. And so they shall in this present essay. Lets start with the personal. I was raised Catholic.

From grade school up through graduate school at Georgetown University, I attended Catholic schools. Complex. Then, my first teaching job (1967-1970) was at Ten Things Every Attorney Should Ready Going to Trial Essay examples, the Jesuit-run Wheeling College (now Wheeling Jesuit University). But then for the next four decades I taught at a public university, Eastern Michigan U., where my main responsibility was teaching Russian and twentieth-century global history. Meanwhile, the electra complex Catholic Church was changing, mainly due to the leadership of Pope John XXIII, who was elected pope in 1958 and by Aristotle Essay, died in complex 1963, a year after calling together the Second Vatican Council (19621965). An Analysis Women's Rights Essay. Like many liberal Catholics, I was delighted with the changes he introduced into Catholic life, such as a more ecumenical spirit and masses in ones native language instead of Latin. One of the highlights of my six months in Europe with the U.S.

Army was a trip to Rome and being part of a large group audience with John XXIII. With the Catholic John Kennedy as president (1961-1963) and define complex, imbibing the liberal Catholic spirit of digi yellow man, Georgetown as a graduate student from complex, 1962 to 1967, it was a good time to college inventory be a Catholic. When it came time to choose a Ph.D. Define. dissertation subject, I decided to write on the ecumenical religious and south days wright analysis, philosophic Russian thinker, Vladimir Soloviev (1853-1900), who was also a vigorous opponent of nationalism and define, the strongest Russian critic of anti-Semitism (see here for life stress, my 1970 article on define electra him and Russias Jews). During my three years at Wheeling College, I knew many good Catholic priests and laypersons, and in general the college took part in the ecumenical spirit of the digi yellow man times. Our curriculum committee, of define electra, which I was a member, decided that theology, being an academic discipline and not indoctrination, should be broadened.

To that end, our college invited a local rabbi to teach a course on Judaism. Although still considering myself a good Catholic, I rejected what I considered certain anti-rational aspects of the church. Several hours into a weekend cursillo (an intense type of digi yellow man, spiritual retreat), I walked out electra when I became convinced its structure reflected a not-too-sophisticated attempt at south days, brainwashing. After a priest friend (but not a Jesuit) who taught theology announced his intention to marry a woman he had fallen in love with, the colleges president, Fr. Frank Haig, fired himHaigs brother Alexander later served as Richard Nixons Chief of Staff.

In protest, I proclaimed I would also leave the college. Thus, I moved to define electra complex liberal Ann Arbor, Michigan and began teaching at nearby Eastern Michigan U. South Of My. For a while, my wife, Nancy, and electra, I continued to be church-going Catholics, and all three of our children were baptized into the church, but our liberal thinking seemed increasingly at odds with a church whose progressive spirit declined after John XXIIIs death. Because of a departmental need in the late 1970s, for a few years I taught a course in Nicomachean comparative religions. Like some other earlier liberal Catholics, especially monk Thomas Merton (1915-1968), I came to admire many of the insights of electra complex, Eastern religions, especially Zen Buddhism. In the Warrior Transition Essays final week or two of the course I introduced students to the critical views of religion offered by atheists and agnostics. Define Complex. My general approach was to tell students that their first job was to try to understand all the belief systems we talked about life stress inventory, (including atheism, which I also regard as a belief). I maintained that students should try to respect others beliefs because no one has a lock on truth. When any students attempted to argue that their religion was better than others, I discouraged such an electra approach. By the early 1980s, by digi yellow man, which time I no longer taught the define electra course, I considered myself an agnostic: maybe there is Rights Essay a God, and maybe not.

But I leaned, and still do, more to the likelihood that there is some sort of divine force. It seems more rational to me and a lesser leap of faith than believing that all the wondrous and powerful forces of the universe, including the mind-blowing complexity of the cosmos, with its million of galaxies and billions of define electra complex, stars, just spontaneously occurred. Such a leaning brings me close to the thinking of such Enlightenment figures as Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, not bad intellectual company to keep. But I no longer have the consolation that belonging to a church community brings to millions of people. And just because my divine-tilting agnosticism has felt right for me for some three decades, Im no proselytizer for it. Where one comes down regarding religious belief is a very individual matter. As Chekhov once wrote, Between there is a God and there is no God lies a whole vast tract, which the really wise man crosses with great effort. Whats right for one person is Warrior Essays often not right for complex, another. All of this brings me to Philosophy: Nicomachean Ethics the more public facets of this essay. How does and should religion affect our social and public life?

What follows are some of the conclusions my admittedly fallible mind has arrived at: One of the various things that most religions offer is a strong emphasis on ethics, and an emphasis on ethics is important, both individually and socially. Although most religions teach love of neighbor, how they interpret such love often varies. For example, throughout the centuries many of them justified wars in certain circumstances, e.g. the Crusades, while others like the Quakers have been more pacifistic. If one rejects religious-based ethics, then he/she has a strong obligation to electra arrive at a non-religious-based moral code.

One of the downsides to such an approach, however, is that many people do not consciously develop one, and we cannot depend on Nicomachean Essay our predominant consumer culture to electra complex provide it to us. I fear that there is much truth in the following observations, and they apply not only to television but also to much of the wider media. U. S. humorist Dave Barry once said that a possible source of guidance for teenagers is television, but televisions message has always been that the need for truth, wisdom and world peace pales by comparison with the need for a toothpaste that offers whiter teeth and fresher breath. And Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser to U. S. President Jimmy Carter, wrote in 1993 that television had become prominent in shaping the [U. S.] national culture and its basic beliefs, and that it helped produce a mass culture, driven by profiteers who exploit the Philosophy: Nicomachean hunger for vulgarity, pornography, and define complex, even barbarism. Although I understand what some people mean when they say, We should not mix religion and politics, I think it naive. Many political questions, such as debates about An Analysis Women's Rights, abortion, war, and electra complex, capital punishment are also ethical questions, thus both political and religious. If right-wing politicians like Rick Santorum often let their religious beliefs affect their political stances, so too have left-wing leaders like Rev.

Martin Luther King and all the life civil rights and antiwar activists among people of the clergy. As I write this, a group of Catholic nuns are in the midst of a nine-state bus tour protesting proposed Republican federal budget cuts that will hurt low-income families. When I was a Catholic one of the virtues I heard most praised was humility, and I have often regretted how little of it is evidenced by religious and political leaders. One of the reasons we use faith as a synonym for religion (as in she is define of the Hindu faith) is that religion is based primarily on beliefs or faith and not reason. Every time in life recent decades when I have heard a priest or minister assure us during a funeral service that the deceased is now in heaven with God, I have felt like saying, How do you know that? As Kierkegaard correctly perceived, religion is not about assurance, but a leap of faith. When someone close to electra us dies we may hope or believe he or she is with God, but we cant be sure. In 2005 Rep. Digi Yellow Man. David Price (Dem., NC) wrote, Humility is out of fashion these days. Political leaders, advocates, and pundits often display an in-your-face assertiveness, seeming to equate uncertainty or even reflectiveness with weakness and a lack of moral fiber. Much of our nation and its leadership are in no mood to doubt their own righteousness.

With humility should come tolerance. If none of us really has the answer to ultimate questionsas humorist Art Buchwald wrote soon before his death, When people ask me if theres an afterlife, I answer, If I knew, I would tell youshouldnt we all be more tolerant of others views? The same goes for many political issues. Neither liberals nor conservatives are always correct, and are both sometimes guilty of falling back on define electra ideology rather than thinking afresh on An Analysis of identity: Women's Rights difficult and complex questions. What to do in Afghanistan or how to fix our scandalous health care system were and are such questions, and they do not lend themselves to simplistic bumper stickers like Repeal Obamacare. If more humility and define, tolerance existed in Washington, Congress would operate in a more bipartisan and pragmatic fashion. To those who criticize religion as a crutch, I would reply that we all use various crutches to get through life, and of my days wright, there is nothing wrong with that. As Robert Fuller (see above) has written, science and religion are not incompatible: Developments in both science and religion have laid the foundation for define, a new synthesis. Ending centuries of fruitless squabbling and Philosophy: by Aristotle, initiating a beautiful friendship is at last possible. Thinkers whom I respect such as Thomas Merton and economist and environmentalist E. Define Electra Complex. F. Schumacher (1911-1977) have emphasized that truth is one and days wright analysis, that there can be no contradiction between scientific truth and complex, religious truth. Women's Essay. Fuller adds that parts of religion that are counterfactual or unproven could either be droppedas science jettisons theories that dont hold up to scrutinyor retained as speculation, metaphor, or personal preference. After all, anyone is free to believe anything, and most of us, including scientists, discreetly exercise that right in define complex one area or another. My own thinking is that one can arrive at truth through different methods and not just the Ten Things Every Attorney Should Have Going rational, scientific one.

But if a religious conviction, such as belief in a literal rendering of creation as told in the Book of electra, Genesis, contradicts scientific evidence then that conviction should be dropped. Of My Wright Analysis. Since Darwin proposed his theory of electra complex, evolution, many religious believers have reconciled themselves to of my days judith wright analysis evolution, without abandoning any fundamental religious belief. In keeping with this approach, I distrust any religious teaching, e.g., the Catholic papacys position on contraception, which seems contrary to reason. Wise and define, good people can be found in various cultures at various times and among both religious believers and non-believers. Among such people I have written long essays on are two converts to Catholicism, Schumacher and south of my days wright, American helper-of-the-poor Dorothy Day. Two others, the Russians Chekhov and define electra, physicist and humanist Andrei Sakharov, were non-believers. A fifth, the poet and Lincoln biographer Carl Sandburg, once said: I am a Christian, a Quaker, a Moslem, a Buddhist, a Shintoist, a Confucian, and maybe a Catholic pantheist or a Joan of Arc who hears voices. Warrior Transition Essays. I am all of these and more. Definitely I have more religions than I have time or zeal to define complex practice in digi yellow man true faith.

Although I no longer consider myself an define adherent of any specific religion, I still feel the need for a guiding principle in Every Attorney Ready Going examples my life, and it has become the electra concept of wisdom. I seek to become wiser and have my actions be as wise as I can make them. The Oxford English Dictionary (2d ed., 1989) defines wisdom as the capacity for judging rightly in matters relating to life and conduct; soundness of judgment in Philosophy: Essay the choice of means and ends. A leading wisdom scholar, Robert Sternberg, states that wisdom is not just about maximizing ones own or someone elses self-interest, but about balancing various self-interests (intrapersonal) with the interests of others (interpersonal) and of other aspects of the context in which one lives (extrapersonal), such as ones city or country or environment or even God. Another wisdom scholar, in electra an essay on The Centrality of Wisdom, wrote that values are at the heart of the matter, and he recommended wisdom-associated values such as empathy, justice, and compassion. Since I have dealt extensively with various types of wisdom, including political wisdom, in other writings, I will merely paraphrase here what I have written earlier concerning E. F. Schumachers thoughts on wisdom: It can be found amidst the ideas of the An Analysis Rights Essay great religious and philosophical systems of the pre-modern age. It deals with fundamental questions like What is the purpose of life? and define complex, how to discover and achieve Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. It emphasizes, prioritizes, and applies higher values such as love, compassion, understanding, and inventory, empathy.

Being guided by it is the key to dealing with our most serious problems, whether economic, environmental, political, or personnel. To Schumacher wisdom was like the sun and its rays should penetrate and define, enlighten all aspects of our life. Unless that person has sorted out and coordinated his manifold urges, impulses, and desires, his strivings are likely to be confused, contradictory, self-defeating, and possibly highly destructive. The centre, obviously, is the place where he has to digi yellow man create for himself an orderly system of ideas about himself and the world, which can regulate the direction of define electra, his various strivings. By the final decades of his life, Schumacher had concluded that it may conceivably be possible to Ten Things Every Attorney Have to Trial live without churches; but it is not possible to live without religion, that is, without systematic work to define keep in contact with, and develop toward, Higher Levels than those of ordinary life with all its pleasure or pain, sensation, gratification, refinement or cruditywhatever it may be. These words lead to me a few final thoughts about religion and its relationship to stress our lives. Religion has many definitions. If one means by it, as Schumacher suggests, systematic work to keep in contact with, and develop toward, Higher Levels than those of ordinary life, then I believe in religion. Every day of our lives there is define electra complex more goodness, beauty, and by Aristotle, truth out there in the world than we appreciate in define electra complex our humdrum existence of life inventory, living and partly living (T. S. Eliots phrase).

I also think, as Schumacher did, that the great religions of the electra world contain much wisdom, including the emphasis of many of them on compassion, humility, and the Golden Rule of treating others as one wishes to Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle Essay be treated. But I am not willing to go as far as saying I think Jesus Christ was more divine than say Buddha. And religions have a checkered record when it comes to define electra valuing tolerance and rationality, which to me these are great wisdom values. In Crime and Punishment (1866) Dostoevsky has his main character, Raskolnikov, pridefully overemphasize reason, and it leads him to think that ordinary morality does not apply to him, that he can be sort of a super-man standing above conventional ethics. An Analysis. Although very critical of the Catholic Church, Dostoevskys thinking on reason was similar to that proclaimed two years earlier by complex, Pope Pius IX in his Syllabus of Errors. In this encyclical the pope proclaimed as an error the belief that human reason, without any reference whatsoever to God, is the sole arbiter of truth and falsehood, and of good and of identity: Women's Rights, evil. The warnings of Dostoevsky and Pius IX about individuals relying too much on define complex reason are ones worth considering. The reasoning of individuals can be twisted. Look at someone like the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski, who earned a Ph.D. in mathematics and thought his mail bombing campaign could be intellectually justified. A wise person will consider the wisdom of the of my analysis past, including that maintained by the great religions, and the laws and customs of his/her society.

Ultimately, however, is it not our own reason and judgment that should dictate our behavior? Church leaders and teachings can be wrong. In the past, some have justified slavery or war when they shouldnt. Electra Complex. Laws and government policies can be wrong. Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Andrei Sakharov all spent some time in jail or exile for daring to violate unjust laws or government policies. Our culture or subculture can be wrong. In making decisions many of us are strongly influenced by Ten Things Every Have to Trial examples, them. When young, I belonged to electra complex a Catholic subculture.

Throughout most of my adulthood, I was part of an academic subculture. When I was in the military, I noted that many career officers seemed to Should Have When Going to Trial Essay examples be part of a military subculture. Define Electra. All of digi yellow man, these subcultures skew our objectivity and way of looking at the world, and complex, if we wish to act rationally, we must be aware of their influence on us. Our ideology can also be wrong. Whether we consider ourselves conservatives, liberals, progressives, socialists, or anarchists, our ideology can box us in, deterring us from thinking afresh about complex problems.

Although the expression knee-jerk liberal is common enough, knee-jerkism can also be a failing of other ideologists. Standing outside of any particular religious community and attempting to remain free of any cultural or ideological boxes can be a lonely path to follow. I sometimes miss the sense of oneness and warmth experienced by singing with others in church. And as Dostoevsky so clearly perceived there is always the danger or pride and egotism, of thinking oneself or ones ideas superior to others. As a historian, however, I take comfort in past individuals whom I admire, those like Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Carl Sandburg, E. Warrior Brigade. F. Schumacher, Anton Chekhov, W. H. Auden, Andrei Sakharov, Nelson Mandela, and finally, the French writer Albert Camus (1913-1960), an existentialist and non-believer, greatly admired by the two fervent Catholics, Day and Merton. Electra. About Camus, Merton wrote, By reason of his personal integrity, his genius, his eloquence, and his own record in protest and resistance, Camus still speaks to our world with resounding authority, and life is, or should be, nothing but a struggle to seek truth, and the whole truth of Albert Camus is centered upon Warrior Brigade Essays, the idea of telling the truth. Camus himself once told a group of define electra, Dominican monks, I shall never start from the supposition that Christian truth is life inventory illusory, but merely from the fact that I could not accept it. He also wrote, It is essential to condemn what must be condemned, but also one should praise at length what still deserves to be praised. In his short story The Guest, he ends it this way: Daru looked at electra, the sky, the plateau and beyond the invisible lands stretching all the way to the sea. In this vast landscape he had loved so much, he was alone. Like his character Daru, we may often feel alone. And in Nicomachean condemning and praising as Camus suggests, we must always realize our fallibility: we may be wrong. One final lesson from the non-believer Camus and the very Catholic Dorothy Day is to (in Days words) always be seeking concordances, rather than differencesthat is the basis of the electra complex ecumenical movement, which is college life stress inventory part of the peace movement. After her conversion, she was often criticized for still associating with Marxists and anarchists, but she believed strongly that dialogue contributed to define clarification of An Analysis of identity: Women's, thought. In his address to Dominican monks, Camus said between the forces of terror and the forces of complex, dialogue a great unequal battle has begun. . . . But I believe it must be fought, and he encouraged the monks to whom he spoke, and Christians generally, to join with isolated individuals who, without any sort of affiliation, today intercede almost everywhere and ceaselessly for children and for men.

I n these days of partisan name-calling and political gridlock, when intolerance and lack of humility are too often on display, Camus and An Analysis Women's, Day offer us an important lesson. Define Electra. Like them, we need to condemn what [note: not who] must be condemned, but also seek dialogue with anyone (believers or unbelievers) willing to correct injustices and digi yellow man, work for the common good. Sufficiently humble, they were both aware that in their condemnations they could be wrong, but believed in dialogue as a path of correcting their mistakes. In this, they mirror what Robert Fuller admires about science: [it] makes even more mistakes than religion; but it saves itself by being quicker to recognize and correct them. Posted on July 1, 2012. Walter G. Moss is a professor emeritus of history at Eastern Michigan University. His most recent book is An Age of Progress?: Clashing Twentieth-Century Global Forces (2008). For a list of all his recent books and online publications, including many on Russian history and culture, go here: Edwin Ted Mosser says.

I read the above this morning. Define Complex. I wont comment now on all of it or on all of Philosophy: Ethics Essay, my beliefs. What I will say, is that one of the problems with Christianity, at least as it is so often stated, is that it is define exclusionary, and evidently so is Islam. Thus, the huge conflict. Christians are a little more subtle. Digi Yellow Man. I frankly dont know whether Jesus intended to exclude those who did not make a specific vow. Anyway, I am something of electra, a pantheist and Im inclined to Warrior Brigade believe there are many paths for people to the divine. Pope Francis seems to define complex be a man who is moving in the right direction. Ten Things Should Have Ready Going Essay. I do envision a heaven or a sort of define electra complex, nirvana where I hope to reunite with those I love.

The Cost of Silence: How A Wealthy LA Democratic Donor Muted The Political Party of Transition, Allies and Coalition Building Jasmyne Cannick: Very few from the political party of define electra complex, allies, coalition building and were stronger together have joined the digi yellow man public call for complex, justice in the death of this young Black gay man. Appetite for War: US, Israel and Saudi Arabia v. Iran. Vijay Prashad: There is widespread enthusiasm in the White House to walk away from the nuclear deal and to use the full vitality of U.S. power to college inventory suffocate Iran. Once More into the Breech: Getting a Grip on Gun Violence.

John Peeler: Just as Trumps supporters chant Build the electra complex Wall for Attorney Should Have When Essay examples, its symbolic value, those of us who want to get a grip on gun violence will not stop advocating for outlawing weapons whose only purpose is to kill people. Copyright #x000A9; 2017 Dick Price and electra complex, Sharon Kyle Log in.

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Lancaster Kennel Club Veterinary Technician Scholarship. Deadline: May 11th. For dedicated pure-bred dog lovers and exhibitors in the greater Lancaster, PA area, the Lancaster Kennel Club offers an annual Veterinary Technician Scholarship for $1,000 to an outstanding student enrolled in an accredited vet tech program at one of the six approved colleges in Pennsylvania. Eligible students must be entering their second or third term, have a specific career interest in complex, working with dogs, and show academic promise in Rights Essay, canine education. Lancaster Kennel Club Veterinary Technician Scholarship. Lancaster, PA 17604. 16. Marcia Brady Tucker Travel Award in Ornithology. Deadline: May 30th. Define Electra Complex. For avid bird lovers and watchers, the American Ornithologists Union has established the Marcia Brady Tucker Travel Award in Ornithology in order to help defray transportation expenses for full-time doctoral students who are conducting scientifically significant research projects on critical concerns for bird conservation.

Eligible members must submit a current resume, a three-page research proposal, and digi yellow man a letter of recommendation from faculty mentor. Marcia Brady Tucker Travel Award in Ornithology. 5400 Bosque Blvd. Suite 680. 17. Marshall E. McCullough Scholarship Fund. Define Electra. Deadline: April 15th.

Administered by Every When Going, the National Dairy Shrine in honor of a well-known Georgia nutrition researcher and journalist, the Marshall E. McCullough Scholarship Fund presents annual awards for $1,500 and define electra complex $2,500 to graduating high school seniors planning to enter a four-year institution with the intent of majoring in dairy or animal science with a communications emphasis. Students must be planning a career in dairy journalism, display strong communication abilities, and be in good academic standing. Marshall E. McCullough Scholarship Fund. Denmark, WI 54208. 18. Mary and Leonard Stiles Memorial Scholarship. Deadline: February 7th. Established to honor the legacy of their contributions to the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation, the of identity: Rights Essay Mary and Leonard Stiles Memorial Scholarship will grant up to $2,000 annually for a graduating high school senior in Texas who has been involved in define, the ranching or farming industry. Since the fund is committed to Nicomachean Ethics developing new leaders in define electra complex, the industry, preference will be given to students pursuing a degree in agriculture or large animal medicine. Mary and Leonard Stiles Memorial Scholarship. Fort Worth, TX 76107.

19. Nicole White and Christopher Vose Memorial Scholarships. Deadline: May 6th. Annually, the Every Attorney to Trial Maine Morgan Horse Club presents two Nicole White and Christopher Vose Memorial Scholarships for $1,000 apiece to outstanding young horse lovers under the age of 22 years old who have members in good standing for the past two years and are currently enrolling in a post-secondary education program. Define Complex. Selection criteria will include involvement with horses, participation with the AMHA Horse Mastership Program, community service, demonstrated leadership, and academic aptitude for secondary study. Nicole White and Christopher Vose Memorial Scholarships. Of Identity:. 10 Sea Grass Farm Rd. Brunswick, ME 04011. 20. Define Electra Complex. Oxbow Animal Health Scholarships. Deadline: March 1st.

For up to digi yellow man $1,000 in financial tuition assistance, the Oxbow Animal Health Scholarships are available annually for graduating high school seniors, undergraduate students, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students who are interested in pursuing careers in the pet industry or the field of animal health/nutrition. Qualified applicants must demonstrate a career interest in companion animals, exhibit potential for leadership in the pet industry, and be passionate about protecting the welfare of animals. Define. Oxbow Animal Health Scholarships. Murdock, NE 68407. 21. P.L.A.Y. Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship. Deadline: December 3rd.

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Applicants must submit an online application, statement of financial need, personal essay, and at least two letters of recommendation. Rachel Fischoff Scholarship for Wildlife Rehabilitation. 2625 Clearwater Rd. Suite 110. St. Define. Cloud, MN 56301. 23.

Shaw-Worth Memorial Humane Society Scholarship. Deadline: March 25th. Established under the aegis of the Human Society of the Transition Brigade United States, the Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship is designed to electra provide $2,500 annually to New England high school seniors who demonstrate a deep respect for animals and have made meaningful contributions to animal protection over a significant period of time. Eligible candidates must exhibit inspiring leadership in animal rescue, a humane attitude, commitment to humane ethics, and desire to enter an animal care field. Shaw-Worth Memorial Humane Society Scholarship. Washington, DC 20037. 24. Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarships. Every Have Going To Trial. Deadline: February 20th. For animal lovers who abstain from eating meat, fish, or fowl, the Vegetarian Resource Group awards a $10,000 scholarship and complex two $5,000 college scholarships annually to graduating U.S. high school seniors who have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or local communities.

Entrants will be evaluation based on compassion, courage, academic promise, future career goals, community service involvement, and college inventory commitment to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian lifestyle. Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarships. Baltimore, MD 21203. 25. Winners Circle Scholarship Program. Deadline: February 14th. Funded through the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), the Winners Circle Scholarship Program was established by the Race for Education to provide $1,500 annual scholarships to outstanding student members who are entering their fourth year of a veterinary school in electra, the United States that has been accredited by the AVMA. Along with the application, applicants must submit a 750-word essay on digi yellow man goals in define electra complex, the field of equine veterinary medicine, two signed letters of recommendation, an official transcript, and Philosophy: Ethics Essay financial need verification. Winners Circle Scholarship Program. Define Complex. 1818 Versailles Rd. Lexington, KY 40504.

For those searching for additional scholarship funding to cover the rising costs of higher education without going in debt, it is important to judith wright remember that scholarships are not solely based on academics. In fact, many scholarship foundations are specifically looking for students with diverse interests and define electra complex a determination to follow their unique passions. If you have a deep respect for animals and/or are pursuing studies leading to a career working with animals, be sure to check out these 25 great scholarships for animal lovers to help reach your college goals!

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Chapter 3: Architectural Patterns and Styles. For more details of the topics covered in this guide, see Contents of the Guide. This chapter describes and discusses high level patterns and define electra, principles commonly used for applications today. These are often referred to as the architectural styles , and include patterns such as client/server, layered architecture, component-based architecture, message bus architecture, and Philosophy: Nicomachean Essay, service-oriented architecture (SOA). For each style, you will find an define complex, overview, key principles, major benefits, and information that will help you choose the appropriate architectural styles for digi yellow man your application. It is electra complex important to understand that the styles describe different aspects of applications. For example, some architectural styles describe deployment patterns, some describe structure and design issues, and others describe communication factors. Therefore, a typical application will usually use a combination of more than one of the styles described in this chapter. An architectural style, sometimes called an digi yellow man, architectural pattern, is a set of principlesa coarse grained pattern that provides an abstract framework for a family of systems. An architectural style improves partitioning and complex, promotes design reuse by Nicomachean Ethics, providing solutions to frequently recurring problems. You can think of architecture styles and patterns as sets of principles that shape an application.

Garlan and Shaw define an architectural style as: #2026a; family of systems in terms of a pattern of structural organization. More specifically, an architectural style determines the vocabulary of define electra complex, components and connectors that can be used in instances of that style, together with a set of Philosophy: Ethics by Aristotle Essay, constraints on how they can be combined. These can include topological constraints on architectural descriptions (e.g., no cycles). Define Complex. Other constraintssay, having to do with execution semanticsmight also be part of the style definition. An understanding of architectural styles provides several benefits. The most important benefit is that they provide a common language.

They also provide opportunities for south judith wright analysis conversations that are technology agnostic. This facilitates a higher level of define electra, conversation that is inclusive of patterns and principles, without getting into Warrior Brigade, specifics. For example, by using architecture styles, you can talk about client/server versus n -tier. Architectural styles can be organized by their key focus area. Electra. The following table lists the major areas of focus and the corresponding architectural styles. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Message Bus. Client/Server, N-Tier, 3-Tier. Domain Driven Design. Component-Based, Object-Oriented, Layered Architecture. Summary of Key Architectural Styles. The following table lists the common architectural styles described in this chapter.

It also contains a brief description of each style. Later sections of this chapter contain more details of each style, as well as guidance to help you choose the appropriate ones for your application. Segregates the system into two applications, where the client makes requests to the server. In many cases, the Warrior Transition Brigade, server is a database with application logic represented as stored procedures. Decomposes application design into reusable functional or logical components that expose well-defined communication interfaces. Domain Driven Design. An object-oriented architectural style focused on modeling a business domain and defining business objects based on entities within the electra complex, business domain. Partitions the concerns of the application into stacked groups (layers). An architecture style that prescribes use of a software system that can receive and Warrior Essays, send messages using one or more communication channels, so that applications can interact without needing to know specific details about each other. Segregates functionality into separate segments in define much the of my analysis, same way as the layered style, but with each segment being a tier located on a physically separate computer.

A design paradigm based on electra complex, division of responsibilities for an application or system into individual reusable and self-sufficient objects, each containing the data and the behavior relevant to south days, the object. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Refers to applications that expose and consume functionality as a service using contracts and messages. The architecture of define, a software system is almost never limited to a single architectural style, but is often a combination of architectural styles that make up the Transition, complete system. For example, you might have a SOA design composed of services developed using a layered architecture approach and an object-oriented architecture style. A combination of define, architecture styles is also useful if you are building a public facing Web application, where you can achieve effective separation of analysis, concerns by define, using the layered architecture style. This will separate your presentation logic from your business logic and Ten Things Should Have Ready Going to Trial Essay, your data access logic. Your organization's security requirements might force you to deploy the application using either the 3-tier deployment approach, or a deployment of define complex, more than three tiers. The presentation tier may be deployed to Nicomachean Ethics Essay, the perimeter network, which sits between an electra complex, organization's internal network and an external network.

On your presentation tier, you may decide to use a separated presentation pattern (a type of layered design style), such as Model-View-Controller (MVC), for your interaction model. South Days Judith Wright Analysis. You might also choose a SOA architecture style, and implement message-based communication, between your Web server and application server. If you are building a desktop application, you may have a client that sends requests to a program on the server. In this case, you might deploy the client and server using the client/server architecture style, and use the define complex, component-based architecture style to decompose the design further into independent components that expose the appropriate communication interfaces. Using the object-oriented design approach for these components will improve reuse, testability, and flexibility. Many factors will influence the Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle Essay, architectural styles you choose. These factors include the capacity of your organization for design and electra complex, implementation; the capabilities and Every Should Have Ready When Going to Trial, experience of define electra complex, your developers; and your infrastructure and organizational constraints. The following sections will help you to determine the appropriate styles for Philosophy: by Aristotle your applications. The client/server architectural style describes distributed systems that involve a separate client and server system, and a connecting network. The simplest form of client/server system involves a server application that is accessed directly by multiple clients, referred to as a 2-Tier architectural style. Historically, client/server architecture indicated a graphical desktop UI application that communicated with a database server containing much of the business logic in define electra complex the form of stored procedures, or with a dedicated file server.

More generally, however, the client/server architectural style describes the Transition Brigade Essays, relationship between a client and one or more servers, where the client initiates one or more requests (perhaps using a graphical UI), waits for replies, and processes the replies on receipt. The server typically authorizes the user and then carries out the processing required to generate the define complex, result. The server may send responses using a range of protocols and data formats to communicate information to the client. Today, some examples of the client/server architectural style include Web browserbased programs running on Warrior, the Internet or an electra, intranet; Microsoft Windows operating systembased applications that access networked data services; applications that access remote data stores (such as e-mail readers, FTP clients, and database query tools); and tools and utilities that manipulate remote systems (such as system management tools and network monitoring tools). Other variations on the client/server style include: Client-Queue-Client systems . This approach allows clients to communicate with other clients through a server-based queue.

Clients can read data from and send data to a server that acts simply as a queue to store the data. Digi Yellow Man. This allows clients to complex, distribute and synchronize files and information. This is sometimes known as a passive queue architecture. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications . College Life Stress. Developed from the Client-Queue-Client style, the P2P style allows the client and define complex, server to swap their roles in order to Essay, distribute and synchronize files and information across multiple clients. It extends the client/server style through multiple responses to requests, shared data, resource discovery, and resilience to electra complex, removal of peers. Application servers . A specialized architectural style where the An Analysis of identity: Women's Rights, server hosts and electra, executes applications and services that a thin client accesses through a browser or specialized client installed software. College. An example is a client executing an application that runs on the server through a framework such as Terminal Services. The main benefits of the client/server architectural style are: Higher security . All data is stored on the server, which generally offers a greater control of security than client machines.

Centralized data access . Define Electra Complex. Because data is stored only on Warrior Transition Brigade, the server, access and updates to the data are far easier to administer than in other architectural styles. Ease of maintenance . Roles and responsibilities of a computing system are distributed among several servers that are known to each other through a network. This ensures that a client remains unaware and define electra, unaffected by Ten Things Attorney to Trial Essay, a server repair, upgrade, or relocation. Consider the define complex, client/server architectural style if your application is server based and will support many clients, you are creating Web-based applications exposed through a Web browser, you are implementing business processes that will be used by people throughout the organization, or you are creating services for college stress inventory other applications to define electra complex, consume. The client/server architectural style is also suitable, like many networked styles, when you want to centralize data storage, backup, and management functions, or when your application must support different client types and different devices. However, the traditional 2-Tier client/server architectural style has numerous disadvantages, including the tendency for application data and business logic to be closely combined on the server, which can negatively impact system extensibility and scalability, and its dependence on a central server, which can negatively impact system reliability.

To address these issues, the client-server architectural style has evolved into the more general 3-Tier (or N-Tier) architectural style, described below, which overcomes some of the disadvantages inherent in Essays the 2-Tier client-server architecture and provides additional benefits. Component-Based Architectural Style. Component-based architecture describes a software engineering approach to system design and define complex, development. It focuses on the decomposition of the design into Attorney Should Ready Essay examples, individual functional or logical components that expose well-defined communication interfaces containing methods, events, and properties. This provides a higher level of abstraction than object-oriented design principles, and does not focus on issues such as communication protocols and shared state. The key principle of the component-based style is the use of components that are: Reusable . Components are usually designed to be reused in define different scenarios in different applications.

However, some components may be designed for a specific task. Replaceable . Components may be readily substituted with other similar components. Not context specific . Components are designed to operate in different environments and contexts. Specific information, such as state data, should be passed to the component instead of being included in or accessed by the component. Extensible . A component can be extended from existing components to provide new behavior. Encapsulated . Components expose interfaces that allow the south days analysis, caller to use its functionality, and do not reveal details of the complex, internal processes or any internal variables or state. Independent . Components are designed to have minimal dependencies on other components. Therefore components can be deployed into any appropriate environment without affecting other components or systems. Common types of of identity: Women's Rights, components used in define complex applications include user interface components such as grids and buttons (often referred to as controls ), and helper and utility components that expose a specific subset of functions used in other components. Other common types of components are those that are resource intensive, not frequently accessed, and must be activated using the just-in-time (JIT) approach (common in remoting or distributed component scenarios); and queued components whose method calls may be executed asynchronously using message queuing and store and forward.

Components depend upon a mechanism within the platform that provides an environment in which they can execute, often referred to as component architecture . Examples are the component object model (COM) and the distributed component object model (DCOM) in Windows; and Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) on other platforms. Component architectures manage the mechanics of locating components and their interfaces, passing messages or commands between components, andin some casesmaintaining state. However, the term component is often used in college the more basic sense of a constituent part, element, or ingredient . Define Electra Complex. The Microsoft .NET Framework provides support for building applications using such a component based approach. For example, this guide discusses business and Philosophy: Nicomachean, data components, which are commonly code classes compiled into .NET Framework assemblies. Electra Complex. They execute under the control of the .NET Framework runtime, and there may be more than one such component in each assembly. The following are the main benefits of the component-based architectural style:

Ease of inventory, deployment . As new compatible versions become available, you can replace existing versions with no impact on the other components or the system as a whole. Reduced cost . The use of complex, third-party components allows you to spread the An Analysis of identity: Rights, cost of development and maintenance. Ease of development . Components implement well-known interfaces to provide defined functionality, allowing development without impacting other parts of the system. Reusable . The use of reusable components means that they can be used to spread the development and maintenance cost across several applications or systems. Mitigation of technical complexity . Components mitigate complexity through the use of a component container and electra complex, its services. Example component services include component activation, lifetime management, method queuing, eventing, and transactions. Design patterns such as the Dependency Injection pattern or the Service Locator pattern can be used to manage dependencies between components, and promote loose coupling and reuse. Such patterns are often used to build composite applications that combine and Women's Essay, reuse components across multiple applications. Consider the component-based architectural style if you already have suitable components or can obtain suitable components from third-party suppliers; your application will predominantly execute procedural-style functions, perhaps with little or no data input; or you want to define electra, be able to combine components written in different code languages. Also, consider this style if you want to by Aristotle Essay, create a pluggable or composite architecture that allows you to easily replace and update individual components.

Domain Driven Design Architectural Style. Domain Driven Design (DDD) is an object-oriented approach to designing software based on the business domain, its elements and behaviors, and the relationships between them. It aims to enable software systems that are a realization of the underlying business domain by defining a domain model expressed in complex the language of business domain experts. The domain model can be viewed as a framework from which solutions can then be rationalized. To apply Domain Driven Design, you must have a good understanding of the business domain you want to model, or be skilled in acquiring such business knowledge. The development team will often work with business domain experts to model the domain. Architects, developers, and subject matter experts have diverse backgrounds, and in many environments will use different languages to describe their goals, designs and requirements.

However, within Domain Driven Design, the whole team agrees to only use a single language that is days judith focused on the business domain, and which excludes any technical jargon. As the core of the software is the domain model, which is a direct projection of this shared language, it allows the team to quickly find gaps in the software by analyzing the define electra complex, language around it. The creation of a common language is not merely an exercise in accepting information from the domain experts and applying it. Quite often, communication problems within development teams are due not only to misunderstanding the language of the domain, but also due to the fact that the domain's language is itself ambiguous. The Domain Driven Design process holds the goal not only digi yellow man of implementing the language being used, but also improving and refining the language of the domain.

This in turn benefits the software being built, since the model is a direct projection of the domain language. In order to help maintain the model as a pure and helpful language construct, you must typically implement a great deal of isolation and encapsulation within the electra complex, domain model. Consequently, a system based on Domain Driven Design can come at a relatively high cost. While Domain Driven Design provides many technical benefits, such as maintainability, it should be applied only to Ten Things Have When Going to Trial, complex domains where the electra, model and the linguistic processes provide clear benefits in the communication of complex information, and in the formulation of a common understanding of the by Aristotle Essay, domain. The following are the main benefits of the Domain Driven Design style: Communication . All parties within a development team can use the domain model and the entities it defines to communicate business knowledge and requirements using a common business domain language, without requiring technical jargon. Extensible . The domain model is often modular and flexible, making it easy to update and extend as conditions and requirements change. Testable . The domain model objects are loosely coupled and cohesive, allowing them to be more easily tested. Consider DDD if you have a complex domain and you wish to define electra, improve communication and understanding within your development team, or where you must express the design of an application in a common language that all stakeholders can understand. DDD can also be an ideal approach if you have large and complex enterprise data scenarios that are difficult to manage using other techniques. For a summary of stress inventory, domain driven design techniques, see Domain Driven Design Quickly at

Alternatively, see Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software by Eric Evans (Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 0-321-12521-5) and Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Jimmy Nilsson (Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 0-321-26820-2). Layered architecture focuses on the grouping of related functionality within an application into distinct layers that are stacked vertically on top of each other. Complex. Functionality within each layer is related by a common role or responsibility. Communication between layers is explicit and loosely coupled. Layering your application appropriately helps to support a strong separation of concerns that, in Philosophy: Nicomachean by Aristotle turn, supports flexibility and maintainability. The layered architectural style has been described as an inverted pyramid of reuse where each layer aggregates the responsibilities and abstractions of the layer directly beneath it. With strict layering, components in one layer can interact only with components in the same layer or with components from the layer directly below it. More relaxed layering allows components in a layer to interact with components in the same layer or with components in any lower layer.

The layers of an electra, application may reside on An Analysis Women's Essay, the same physical computer (the same tier) or may be distributed over define complex separate computers ( n -tier), and the components in Brigade each layer communicate with components in other layers through well-defined interfaces. For example, a typical Web application design consists of a presentation layer (functionality related to the UI), a business layer (business rules processing), and a data layer (functionality related to data access, often almost entirely implemented using high-level data access frameworks). Complex. For details of the n-tier application architectural style, see N-Tier / 3-Tier Architectural Style later in this chapter. Common principles for college life inventory designs that use the layered architectural style include: Abstraction . Define Complex. Layered architecture abstracts the south of my wright analysis, view of the system as whole while providing enough detail to define, understand the roles and responsibilities of individual layers and the relationship between them. Encapsulation . No assumptions need to be made about data types, methods and properties, or implementation during design, as these features are not exposed at Every Attorney Ready to Trial Essay, layer boundaries. Clearly defined functional layers . The separation between functionality in each layer is clear.

Upper layers such as the presentation layer send commands to lower layers, such as the business and data layers, and may react to electra, events in these layers, allowing data to flow both up and down between the layers. High cohesion . Well-defined responsibility boundaries for each layer, and ensuring that each layer contains functionality directly related to the tasks of that layer, will help to maximize cohesion within the layer. Reusable . Every Should When Going To Trial Essay Examples. Lower layers have no dependencies on higher layers, potentially allowing them to be reusable in other scenarios. Loose coupling . Communication between layers is define complex based on abstraction and events to college life stress inventory, provide loose coupling between layers. Examples of layered applications include line-of-business (LOB) applications such as accounting and customer-management systems; enterprise Web-based applications and Web sites, and enterprise desktop or smart clients with centralized application servers for business logic. A number of design patterns support the define electra complex, layered architectural style. For example, Separated Presentation patterns encompass a range of patterns that the handling of the Warrior Essays, user's interactions from the define complex, UI, the presentation and business logic, and the application data with which the user works. Separated Presentation allows graphical designers to create a UI while developers generate the code to drive it. Dividing the functionality into separate roles in this way provides increased opportunities to Philosophy: Nicomachean, test the behavior of individual roles. The following are the key principles of the Separated Presentation patterns:

Separation of concerns . Separated Presentation patterns divide UI processing concerns into distinct roles; for example, MVC has three roles: the complex, Model, the life stress inventory, View, and the Controller. The Model represents data (perhaps a domain model that includes business rules); the View represents the UI; and the Controller handles requests, manipulates the model, and performs other operations. Event-based notification . The Observer pattern is commonly used to provide notifications to the View when data managed by define complex, the Model changes. Delegated event handling . The controller handles events triggered from the UI controls in the View. Other examples of Separated Presentation patterns are the Passive View pattern and the Supervising Presenter (or Supervising Controller) pattern. The main benefits of the layered architectural style, and the use of Ten Things Every Should When examples, a Separated Presentation pattern, are:

Abstraction . Layers allow changes to be made at the abstract level. Electra. You can increase or decrease the level of college life inventory, abstraction you use in each layer of the electra, hierarchical stack. Isolation . Life Stress. Allows you to isolate technology upgrades to individual layers in order to define electra complex, reduce risk and days judith wright analysis, minimize impact on the overall system. Manageability . Define Electra Complex. Separation of core concerns helps to identify dependencies, and organizes the code into college stress, more manageable sections. Electra. Performance . An Analysis Women's Rights Essay. Distributing the layers over multiple physical tiers can improve scalability, fault tolerance, and performance. Electra. Reusability . Roles promote reusability. For example, in Warrior Transition MVC, the Controller can often be reused with other compatible Views in order to provide a role specific or a user-customized view on define, to the same data and functionality. Testability . Increased testability arises from having well-defined layer interfaces, as well as the days, ability to switch between different implementations of the layer interfaces. Separated Presentation patterns allow you to build mock objects that mimic the behavior of concrete objects such as the Model, Controller, or View during testing. Consider the layered architectural style if you have existing layers that are suitable for reuse in other applications, you already have applications that expose suitable business processes through service interfaces, or your application is complex and the high-level design demands separation so that teams can focus on electra, different areas of functionality. The layered architectural style is also appropriate if your application must support different client types and different devices, or you want to implement complex and/or configurable business rules and by Aristotle Essay, processes.

Consider a Separated Presentation pattern if you want improved testability and simplified maintenance of UI functionality, or you want to separate the task of designing the UI from the electra complex, development of the logic code that drives it. These patterns are also appropriate when your UI view does not contain any request processing code, and does not implement any business logic. Message bus architecture describes the principle of using a software system that can receive and send messages using one or more communication channels, so that applications can interact without needing to know specific details about life, each other. Define. It is a style for designing applications where interaction between applications is accomplished by passing messages (usually asynchronously) over a common bus. The most common implementations of message bus architecture use either a messaging router or a Publish/Subscribe pattern, and are often implemented using a messaging system such as Message Queuing. Many implementations consist of individual applications that communicate using common schemas and a shared infrastructure for sending and receiving messages. A message bus provides the ability to handle: Message-oriented communications . All communication between applications is based on messages that use known schemas.

Complex processing logic . Nicomachean Ethics Essay. Complex operations can be executed by combining a set of smaller operations, each of which supports specific tasks, as part of a multistep itinerary. Electra. Modifications to processing logic . Nicomachean Ethics Essay. Because interaction with the bus is based on common schemas and commands, you can insert or remove applications on the bus to change the logic that is define complex used to process messages. Integration with different environments . By using a message-based communication model based on college life stress inventory, common standards, you can interact with applications developed for different environments, such as Microsoft .NET and Java. Message bus designs have been used to support complex processing rules for many years. Define Complex. The design provides a pluggable architecture that allows you to insert applications into the process, or improve scalability by attaching several instances of the digi yellow man, same application to the bus. Variations on the message bus style include: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) . Based on message bus designs, an ESB uses services for communication between the bus and components attached to the bus. An ESB will usually provide services that transform messages from one format to electra, another, allowing clients that use incompatible message formats to communicate with each other Internet Service Bus (ISB) . This is similar to an enterprise service bus, but with applications hosted in the cloud instead of on an enterprise network. A core concept of ISB is the use of Essays, Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) and policies to control the routing of logic through applications and services in the cloud. The main benefits of the message-bus architectural style are: Extensibility . Applications can be added to or removed from the bus without having an impact on the existing applications.

Low complexity . Application complexity is reduced because each application only needs to know how to communicate with the bus. Flexibility . The set of applications that make up a complex process, or the define electra complex, communication patterns between applications, can be changed easily to college life inventory, match changes in business or user requirements, simply through changes to the configuration or parameters that control routing. Loose coupling . Electra. As long as applications expose a suitable interface for Ten Things Attorney Ready Going examples communication with the complex, message bus, there is no dependency on the application itself, allowing changes, updates, and Brigade Essays, replacements that expose the define electra, same interface. Scalability . Multiple instances of the same application can be attached to digi yellow man, the bus in electra order to Warrior Transition Brigade, handle multiple requests at the same time. Application simplicity . Although a message bus implementation adds complexity to define electra, the infrastructure, each application needs to digi yellow man, support only a single connection to the message bus instead of electra complex, multiple connections to other applications.

Consider the message bus architectural style if you have existing applications that interoperate with each other to perform tasks, or you want to combine multiple tasks into a single operation. This style is also appropriate if you are implementing a task that requires interaction with external applications, or applications hosted in different environments. N-tier and 3-tier are architectural deployment styles that describe the separation of digi yellow man, functionality into segments in much the same way as the layered style, but with each segment being a tier that can be located on a physically separate computer. They evolved through the component-oriented approach, generally using platform specific methods for communication instead of a message-based approach. N-tier application architecture is characterized by the functional decomposition of applications, service components, and their distributed deployment, providing improved scalability, availability, manageability, and complex, resource utilization. Warrior Transition Brigade. Each tier is completely independent from all other tiers, except for define those immediately above and below it. The nth tier only has to know how to Brigade, handle a request from the n+1th tier, how to forward that request on to the n-1th tier (if there is one), and how to handle the electra complex, results of the of my judith, request. Communication between tiers is typically asynchronous in order to support better scalability. N-tier architectures usually have at least three separate logical parts, each located on a separate physical server. Each part is responsible for define complex specific functionality. When using a layered design approach, a layer is deployed on college life stress, a tier if more than one service or application is dependent on the functionality exposed by the layer.

An example of the N-tier/3-tier architectural style is a typical financial Web application where security is important. The business layer must be deployed behind a firewall, which forces the deployment of the presentation layer on a separate tier in the perimeter network. Another example is a typical rich client connected application, where the presentation layer is deployed on client machines and the business layer and data access layer are deployed on one or more server tiers. The main benefits of the electra complex, N-tier/3-tier architectural style are: Maintainability . South Of My Days Judith. Because each tier is independent of the other tiers, updates or changes can be carried out complex, without affecting the application as a whole. Scalability . Attorney Ready When Going To Trial. Because tiers are based on the deployment of layers, scaling out an application is reasonably straightforward. Flexibility . Electra. Because each tier can be managed or scaled independently, flexibility is increased.

Availability . Applications can exploit the modular architecture of enabling systems using easily scalable components, which increases availability. Consider either the N-tier or the 3-tier architectural style if the processing requirements of the layers in the application differ such that processing in one layer could absorb sufficient resources to Ten Things Every Attorney Should Have Ready When Essay, slow the processing in other layers, or if the complex, security requirements of the layers in the application differ. For example, the presentation layer should not store sensitive data, while this may be stored in Every Attorney Should Have Going to Trial examples the business and data layers. Electra. The N-tier or the 3-tier architectural style is also appropriate if you want to college stress inventory, be able to share business logic between applications, and complex, you have sufficient hardware to digi yellow man, allocate the required number of servers to define electra, each tier. Consider using just three tiers if you are developing an intranet application where all servers are located within the digi yellow man, private network; or an Internet application where security requirements do not restrict the deployment of business logic on the public facing Web or application server. Consider using more than three tiers if security requirements dictate that business logic cannot be deployed to the perimeter network, or the application makes heavy use of resources and complex, you want to digi yellow man, offload that functionality to define, another server. Object-Oriented Architectural Style. Object-oriented architecture is a design paradigm based on the division of analysis, responsibilities for an application or system into individual reusable and self-sufficient objects, each containing the data and the behavior relevant to the object.

An object-oriented design views a system as a series of electra, cooperating objects, instead of a set of routines or procedural instructions. Objects are discrete, independent, and of my days wright analysis, loosely coupled; they communicate through interfaces, by define, calling methods or accessing properties in other objects, and by life inventory, sending and receiving messages. The key principles of the object-oriented architectural style are: Abstraction . This allows you to reduce a complex operation into a generalization that retains the base characteristics of the define electra, operation. For example, an abstract interface can be a well-known definition that supports data access operations using simple methods such as Get and Update . Another form of abstraction could be metadata used to provide a mapping between two formats that hold structured data. Composition . Objects can be assembled from other objects, and can choose to hide these internal objects from other classes or expose them as simple interfaces. Essay. Inheritance . Objects can inherit from define electra, other objects, and use functionality in the base object or override it to implement new behavior. Moreover, inheritance makes maintenance and updates easier, as changes to the base object are propagated automatically to the inheriting objects. Encapsulation . Objects expose functionality only through methods, properties, and events, and hide the by Aristotle, internal details such as state and variables from other objects. This makes it easier to update or replace objects, as long as their interfaces are compatible, without affecting other objects and define, code. Polymorphism . This allows you to digi yellow man, override the behavior of a base type that supports operations in your application by implementing new types that are interchangeable with the existing object.

Decoupling . Objects can be decoupled from the electra, consumer by defining an abstract interface that the object implements and the consumer can understand. This allows you to Philosophy: Nicomachean Ethics Essay, provide alternative implementations without affecting consumers of the interface. Common uses of the object-oriented style include defining an object model that supports complex scientific or financial operations, and defining objects that represent real world artifacts within a business domain (such as a customer or an define electra, order). The latter is Transition a process commonly implemented using the more specialized domain driven design style, which takes advantage of the principles of the object-oriented style. For more information, see Domain Driven Design Architectural Style earlier in this chapter. The main benefits of the object-oriented architectural style are that it is: Understandable . It maps the application more closely to the real world objects, making it more understandable. Reusable . It provides for reusability through polymorphism and abstraction. Testable . It provides for complex improved testability through encapsulation. Extensible . Encapsulation, polymorphism, and abstraction ensure that a change in the representation of data does not affect the interfaces that the Transition Essays, object exposes, which would limit the capability to communicate and interact with other objects. Define Complex. Highly Cohesive . By locating only related methods and features in an object, and digi yellow man, using different objects for define electra complex different sets of features, you can achieve a high level of Should Have Going to Trial Essay examples, cohesion.

Consider the object-oriented architectural style if you want to model your application based on real world objects and actions, or you already have suitable objects and electra, classes that match the design and Philosophy: Ethics by Aristotle, operational requirements. The object-oriented style is electra also suitable if you must encapsulate logic and data together in reusable components or you have complex business logic that requires abstraction and dynamic behavior. Service-Oriented Architectural Style. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables application functionality to Philosophy: Ethics, be provided as a set of services, and the creation of applications that make use of software services. Services are loosely coupled because they use standards-based interfaces that can be invoked, published, and discovered. Services in SOA are focused on providing a schema and message-based interaction with an application through interfaces that are application scoped, and not component or object-based.

An SOA service should not be treated as a component-based service provider. The SOA style can package business processes into interoperable services, using a range of protocols and define complex, data formats to communicate information. Clients and other services can access local services running on the same tier, or access remote services over a connecting network. The key principles of the SOA architectural style are: Services are autonomous . Days Judith Wright. Each service is maintained, developed, deployed, and versioned independently. Services are distributable . Services can be located anywhere on a network, locally or remotely, as long as the network supports the required communication protocols. Services are loosely coupled . Each service is independent of others, and can be replaced or updated without breaking applications that use it as long as the interface is still compatible. Services share schema and define, contract, not class . Services share contracts and schemas when they communicate, not internal classes. Compatibility is digi yellow man based on policy . Policy in this case means definition of features such as transport, protocol, and define complex, security.

Common examples of service-oriented applications include sharing information, handling multistep processes such as reservation systems and online stores, exposing industry specific data or services over an extranet, and of my, creating mashups that combine information from multiple sources. The main benefits of the SOA architectural style are: Domain alignment . Reuse of common services with standard interfaces increases business and technology opportunities and reduces cost. Abstraction . Define Complex. Services are autonomous and accessed through a formal contract, which provides loose coupling and abstraction. Discoverability . Services can expose descriptions that allow other applications and services to digi yellow man, locate them and automatically determine the define electra, interface. Nicomachean Ethics By Aristotle Essay. Interoperability . Because the protocols and data formats are based on industry standards, the provider and consumer of the service can be built and define, deployed on life stress inventory, different platforms. Rationalization . Services can be granular in order to provide specific functionality, rather than duplicating the functionality in number of applications, which removes duplication. Consider the SOA style if you have access to suitable services that you wish to reuse; can purchase suitable services provided by a hosting company; want to build applications that compose a variety of services into a single UI; or you are creating Software plus Services (S+S), Software as a Service (SaaS), or cloud-based applications. The SOA style is suitable when you must support message-based communication between segments of the application and expose functionality in define electra complex a platform independent way, when you want to take advantage of federated services such as authentication, or you want to expose services that are discoverable through directories and can be used by clients that have no prior knowledge of the interfaces. Evans, Eric.

Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in Attorney Should Ready Going to Trial Essay examples the Heart of Software. Addison-Wesley, 2004. Nilsson, Jimmy. Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in electra complex C# and NET. Addison-Wesley, 2006. For more information about An Analysis Women's Rights, architectural styles, see the complex, following resources:

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Customizable Opening Paragraphs for electra complex Cover Letters: Uninvited Letters. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. When it comes to cover letters, have you got writers block? Do you feel that if you could just start the letter, youd be OK? Help is digi yellow man here.Here is a collection of customizable opening paragraphs for cover letters. Complex. Remember Mad Libs, the Warrior Brigade Essays, fill-in-the-blank game that resulted in wacky stories? This collection is define electra complex a little like Mad Libs, except that the college life inventory, intended result is not wacky, but serious, effective openers for define cover letter. Of My Days Judith Wright. Following each customizable opening paragraph, youll find a sample paragraph with the blanks filled in.This set of 26 customizable opening paragraphs is for uninvited cover letters, also known as cold-contact and prospecting cover letters. Electra. The uninvited prospecting cover letter enables you to life, take a proactive approach to define electra complex, job-hunting instead of the reactive approach, in which you merely answer ads or job postings. It can be a great tool for uncovering hidden jobs where supposedly no openings exist.

Read more about south days uninvited cover letters here. Customizable Opening Paragraph #1: I am interested in speaking with you regarding a(n) [ name of position ] with your firm. My accounting and academic experience, as well as my [ name of certification ] certification, have prepared me well to make a significant contribution to your organization. I have specialized in [ name of specialty ] in my previous employment and am well equipped to bring my expertise to your firm.Sample customized paragraph based on define electra complex, above: I am interested in speaking with you regarding an accounting position with your firm. My accounting and academic experience, as well as my CPA certification, have prepared me well to make a significant contribution to south of my judith wright, your organization. I have specialized in complex, taxation in my previous employment and Ethics Essay am well equipped to bring my expertise to your firm. Customizable Opening Paragraph #2: My extensive experience in [ area of experience ] and my commitment to [ executing an action that would be required in this position ] aligns extremely well with a [ name of electra position ] position within your organization.Sample customized paragraph based on above:

My extensive experience in business management and my commitment to orchestrating smooth project flow aligns extremely well with a project manager position within your organization. Customizable Opening Paragraph #3: As a cornerstone of my professional experience, Ive made it a priority to develop a broad and diverse skill set with a particular eye toward [ executing an action that would be expected in the targeted position ] in a [ type of work environment ] environment. Brigade Essays. Id like to bring those skills to your firm in a [ name of position ] capacity. Specifically, I can contribute the following: The experience that makes me a value-added and innovative solution-provider yet, at the same time, a down-to-earth, hands-on, hard worker with a finely honed ability to identify problems and areas for improvement; A solid and extensive [ type of experience ], [ type of complex experience ], and [ type of experience ] background; The [ type of skills ] skills and Philosophy: [ type of complex mindset ] mindset that enable me to [ execute actions that would be expected in the targeted position ]. Sample customized paragraph based on above:

As a cornerstone of my professional experience, Ive made it a priority to develop a broad and diverse skill set with a particular eye toward providing quality client service in Warrior Essays, a technical environment. Id like to define electra complex, bring those skills to life stress, your firm in electra, a Client Service Engineer capacity. Specifically, I can contribute the following: The experience that makes me a value-added and Philosophy: Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle innovative solution-provider yet, at the same time, a down-to-earth, hands-on, hard worker with a finely honed ability to identify problems and define areas for improvement; A solid and of my analysis extensive marketing, sales, and customer-service background; The technical skills and client-driven mindset that enable me to electra complex, delve into complex issues and ensure client satisfaction. Customizable Opening Paragraph #4: During [ a period in Philosophy: Ethics by Aristotle Essay, your career/education ], I learned that [ name of complex employer ] is a highly respected organization and well-known for its [ characterization of digi yellow man employers reputation ]. My ability to complex, [ execute an digi yellow man, action that would be expected of someone in the targeted position ] parallels your companys commitment.

The value that I can add to your organization based on more than [ number of years ] years worth of accomplishments is summarized below:Sample customized paragraph based on above: During my graduate studies, I learned that Campbell Soup is a highly respected organization and well-known for its concern for quality and safety. My ability to analyze food systems in terms of equipment, processing, quality, and microbial safety parallels your companys commitment. The value that I can add to your organization based on more than six years worth of complex accomplishments is summarized below: Customizable Opening Paragraph #5: As a [ phrase that describes your current education/career situation ], I seek an opportunity, such as a position in the [ name of employer ], in which I can make a real contribution. Days Judith Wright. I am excited about your agencys mission [ quote from employers mission statement ] and I am more than ready to assist [ quote from employers mission statement ].Sample customized paragraph based on above: As a graduate student in Fishery and electra Wildlife Science at Montana State University, I seek an opportunity, such as a position in the SCARP program, in which I can make a real contribution. I am excited about your agencys mission to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people, and I am more than ready to assist those who work to of identity: Rights, save endangered and threatened species; conserve migratory birds and inland fisheries; and define manage offices and field stations. Customizable Opening Paragraph #6: As a [ phrase that describes your current education/career situation ], with hands-on experience and strong problem-solving skills, I am confident that I would make a successful addition to your [ type of team ] team.Sample customized paragraph based on above: As a researcher with hands-on experience and of my judith wright strong problem-solving skills, I am confident that I would make a successful addition to your biomedical team.

Customizable Opening Paragraph #7: I have learned that [ name of professional organization ] is committed to matching the [ name of define electra complex field ] openings in member companies with quality applicants. Thus, I am writing to Philosophy: Nicomachean, introduce you to a background that should be of great interest to define, your member firms and to Warrior Transition Brigade Essays, ask your assistance in my quest for electra complex a [ type of position ] position.Sample customized paragraph based on above: I have learned that the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Professionals Association is committed to matching the biotech/pharmaceutical openings in member companies with quality applicants. Philosophy: Nicomachean By Aristotle. Thus, I am writing to introduce you to a background that should be of great interest to your member firms and to electra, ask your assistance in digi yellow man, my quest for a research position. Customizable Opening Paragraph #8: My expertise in electra complex, the [ name of field ], along with my solid background in [ name of field ] and [ name of field ], would enable me to south of my, enhance your [ type of workplace ]s success in a [ name of position ] capacity.Sample customized paragraph based on above: My expertise in the molecular biology, along with my solid background in biochemistry and cell biology, would enable me to enhance your labs success in a research director capacity. Customizable Opening Paragraph #9: My unique background as both a [ name of occupation ] and [ name of electra complex occupation ] would enable me to make a valuable contribution in a [ name of position ] capacity for your organization.Sample customized paragraph based on above:

My unique background as both a practicing attorney and trainer would enable me to make a valuable contribution in life stress inventory, a trainer/instructor capacity for your organization. Customizable Opening Paragraph #10: My varied [ type(s) of electra complex experience ] experience, along with my extensive educational background, make me an Rights Essay, ideal candidate for a position with [ name of employer ] as a [ name of position ]. My supervisors at [ name(s) of current/former employers ], where I most recently served as a [ name of position ], will attest to my natural abilities to define complex, [ execute actions expected of someone in the targeted position ].Sample customized paragraph based on above: My varied customer service and training experience, along with my extensive educational background, make me an ideal candidate for a position with Apple as a corporate trainer. My supervisors at the California United Way and Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, where I most recently served as a volunteer trainer/facilitator, will attest to my natural abilities to digi yellow man, plan, organize, and lead groups of all sizes. Customizable Opening Paragraph #11: My [ relevant characteristic ], my [ type of experience ] experience, and my genuine desire to [ execute an action expected of someone in the targeted position ] make me an excellent fit as a(n) [ name of position ] in electra complex, your [ type of work environment ]. I would like to Warrior Transition Brigade, express a sincere interest in joining your [ type of staff ] staff so that together we can [ execute an action expected of someone in the targeted position ].Sample customized paragraph based on above: My enthusiastic personality, my teaching experience, and my genuine desire to help students succeed make me an excellent fit as an Apprentice Teacher in your school district. I would like to express a sincere interest in becoming a permanent member of your teaching staff so that together we can make a positive difference in the lives of Philadelphia students. Customizable Opening Paragraph #12: My experience as a [ name of position ], my [ trait expected of someone in targeted position ], and my [ characteristic relevant to electra, the targeted position ] would all be solid assets in a tour operator position with [ name of employer ].Sample customized paragraph based on above: My experience as a flight attendant, my commitment to Philosophy: Nicomachean Ethics, the safety and comfort of travelers, and my understanding of the needs of tourists who seek expedient arrangements would all be solid assets in a tour-operator position with Fiorello Associates. Customizable Opening Paragraph #13: Because I have [ executed actions relevant to the targeted position ], I am confident that I offer the qualities to electra, serve in a(n) [ name of position ] capacity at your [ type of workplace ].Sample customized paragraph based on above:

Because I have developed and An Analysis of identity: Women's produced an electra, informative celebrity-interview show and have done Air Talent shifts at several radio stations, I am confident that I offer the qualities to serve in an Air Talent/Talk Show Host capacity at your station. Customizable Opening Paragraph #14: My background in digi yellow man, [ name of field(s) ] closely parallels the define complex, profile of a [ name of position ] with your firm. With more than [ number of years ] years of progressive [ type of digi yellow man experience ] experience with leading firms under my belt, I am eager to put my experience to work for your organization.Sample customized paragraph based on above: My background in financial consulting and define accounting closely parallels the profile of an investment counselor with your firm. With more than two years of progressive consulting/rep experience with leading firms under my belt, I am eager to Attorney When to Trial Essay, put my experience to work for electra your organization. Customizable Opening Paragraph #15: While [ description of type of experience ] with [ name of Ten Things Attorney When to Trial Essay employer ] [ timeframe ], I cultivated a true passion for the [ name of field ] that I would like to contribute to [ name of define employer ]. Ive developed [ relevant trait ], I am highly [ adjective describing expected characteristic in targeted position ], and I stand poised to bring my skills to your fine organization.Sample customized paragraph based on above: While completing an internship with Vera Wang last year, I cultivated a true passion for digi yellow man the high-end retail fashion sector that I would like to define complex, contribute to Moiselle International Limited. Ive developed keen fashion instincts, I am highly customer-service oriented, and I stand poised to bring my skills to your fine organization. Customizable Opening Paragraph #16: My practical experience in [ executing action relevant to targeted position ], gained through [ type of experience ], makes me a genuine asset to your firm in a(n) [ type of position ].Sample customized paragraph based on above: My practical experience in international trading between Spain and other countries, gained through running my own international consulting firm, makes me a genuine asset to your firm in Attorney Should Ready When Going Essay, an executive position at define electra complex, the international level.

Customizable Opening Paragraph #17: I am highly motivated to south of my wright analysis, enhance your companys success. I possess the unique combination of electra both [ two types of education or experience ]. Of Identity:. This background has prepared me well to define complex, contribute significantly to your organization. With my [ type of digi yellow man experience ] experience and knowledge of [ type of subject matter ], I am well equipped to bring my expertise to complex, your firm.Sample customized paragraph based on above: I am highly motivated to Philosophy: Ethics by Aristotle, enhance your companys success. I possess the define complex, unique combination of both accounting and law degrees. Days Wright. This background has prepared me well to contribute significantly to define, your organization. With my accounting experience and knowledge of law, I am well equipped to bring my expertise to your firm. Customizable Opening Paragraph #18: I can imagine the Warrior Transition Essays, many challenges you face that could benefit from complex, my [ type of expertise ] expertise. Through my initiatives with [ type(s) of ventures ], I offer an extensive, cutting-edge understanding of the [ type of subject matter ] and best practices that drive todays businesses. Heres how I could contribute:Sample customized p.

Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareers team of south of my days analysis career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over electra complex, 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the job you want. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for of my wright analysis Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an define electra complex, electronic newsletter for Every Attorney Have Ready When examples jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from define electra, Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and of my with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiots Guide to define electra complex, Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at Check out Brigade Essays Dr. Electra Complex. Hansen on GooglePlus. I AM A STUDENT This page is for all students and prospective students (high school, college, graduate school), where you will find some expert free resources and tools for An Analysis Rights furthering your education. Students have been one of the primary priorities of Quintessential Careers since our founding in 1996, and we have a large number of electra complex [] 10 Best Job Interview Tips for Jobseekers.

10 Best Job Interview Tips for Jobseekers by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. When you have successfully mastered cover letters, resumes, and job applications and are receiving requests for interviews, its time to understand how to digi yellow man, succeed in the job interview so that you are ever closer to your goal of obtaining one or more job [] Personal Career Branding #038; Self-Marketing Tools for Job-Seekers and define complex Career Activists. Personal Career Branding Self-Marketing Tools for Job-Seekers and Career Activists Where job-seekers can find some expert articles, tools, and resources for developing your personal career brand, as well as key self-marketing techniques to get hired or promoted.Quintessential Careers Career Branding Marketing Articles Resources: Job SeekerPersonal Brand Building Your Online Career Brand: Five [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Essays Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and electra scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!!

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